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A godsend again, as this Mission struggles to keep its head above water. A guardian angel of.....

A godsend again, as this Mission struggles to keep its head above water. A guardian angel of this mission for over a year now every month provide substantial material support. A godsend. And this angel did it again this morning. Within this last month it looked like the mission would still finally climb out of an ocean of credit card debt. Through Herculean efforts it is definitely inching toward being a stable proposition and I thought it was finally there. And then the Rube Goldberg fix regarding regenerative braking announced disaster. So far it has cost over $300 in transportation of one motor to a repair facility transportation of another motor on loan and now it has been determined that the primary motor is not repairable and needs to be replaced. Between replacing the motor and the Machining and labor associated with finally making regenerative stable in the rear wheel assembly this month will cost the mission unexpected thousand dollars approximately. This godsend donation today makes a dent. If anyone else wants to help make a dent that would make a big difference.


LSGIABeing: Jesus Isaiah Heschel...are f****** fundamentalist God crazed lunatics, right?

LSGIABeing: Jesus Isaiah Heschel...are f****** fundamentalist God crazed lunatics, right?

I'm mean listen to Isaiah, he says God is going to destroy everything because he's not worshiped, right. f****** b*******!?

And take this idiot extremist Jesus, if you don't hate husband wife son daughter your own life you cannot follow me! what the f***??!!

And much more recently Abraham Heschel, the meaning of this hour, we have ceased having God in our lives so everything is going to come to an end. what the f***?!?!


Unless God is understood as something like the loving spirit of goodness in action Being, one of the spirits within us, the central spirit born within us? What if that is what they mean by God? Hint. It is buy whatever words or none.

If this is understood as the Being, the way of being, the spirit  deep in each individual and in the cosmos itself, meant by the word God, then history is proving this exactly f****** correct.

We treat the discovery of a cancer sell in the loved ones body as an all out emergency, every single sell of this type must be eliminated immediately whatever the cost every single solitary one now!. That is sanity, correct? But Isaiah Jesus heschel seeing that moral imPurity in society will certainly cause the death of everything, is Insanity, right?

History is proving them absa f****** lutely correct. It is not there insanity for personafying this destructive force, the absence of totally glorifying God,  good, it is our insanity for not seeing the structural truth of what they had to say!!! We don't want to see it! We want the pleasures of worshiping the head of the Flesh! F*** our children. Let them all f****** die!

They are absolutely correct proven by history if we don't worship with every breath, if our lives don't glorify, with every breath, the loving spirit of goodness in action being born within each and everyone of us.

Or Everything is coming to an end. This can't be argued by any sane person and the truth innately understood of this has driven every revolutionary in history, has driven them to the brink of actual insanity to appear as mad  in front of every population.

Until, like Jesus, he is brought under control by adulterating, bastardizing, sanitizing,  totally destroying the value of, and corrupting his message.

And finally after 66 years James is now fully in the possession of this idiocy too. He didn't see it. He didn't understand it. He does now. Plain as the nose on his face.


LSGIAB: Loving Spirit of Goodness In Action Being (les-jia-b) acronym subject name adjustment

LSGIAB: Loving Spirit of Goodness In Action Being (les-jia-b) acronym subject name adjustment

Two changes. Related. Inspired and caused by an attempt to have an accessible dot-com URL which now has been purchased at $12 a year so therefore it can be discarded or used, LSGIABEING.COM  LSGIA by itself was not available although a quick check did not show any problems. The prior words were including in action ism. Qualified by another phrase the being we were born as.

With The Changes indicated in the title of the post above this seems to be an improved consolidation. Loving Spirit of goodness in action being. Without the requirement of further explanation this describes the being that this site and group and movement asserts and understands we were born as and are seeking to rebirth, reinflame, within ourselves and others.

LESGIAB: website design objectives

LESGIAB: website design objectives

1  From initial of concept throughout the long relationship with a user it should come as close to being the experience of existing in and among a community of History's great beings as can be achieved in terms of emotional intellectual spiritual action and effect on the being of the consumer.

2. It has three primary and one secondary target audience. Those who are dying to become like the great spirits of History we were born to be. The other three targets are exactly this. Point being, this is the only Target.

3. All business for those who want nothing other than that. How much time do those folks want us spending on being cute, attractive, fun, enjoyable, easy…. This site is for people that are literally dying to save themselves and literally dying to save the world. They are dying for us to help them achieve results within themselves so they can get on with saving the world ASAP.

4. Conceptual integration of some or all parties when and where appropriate. What are the common themes, attributes, practices, backgrounds, Genesis among summer all of these people. Makes no sense to have each new consumer have to figure all of that out by themselves

5. Traditional website stuff as applicable, contact, authors, purpose, target audience, etc etc

6. Special emphasis on strategic opportunities. Spiritual boot camps. Intentional communities. Are two examples.



LSGIA: important notice. Until clearly announced otherwise everything being published on this site right now is prototype...

LSGIA: important notice. Until clearly announced otherwise everything being published on this site right now is prototype and subject to minor or even radical total change.

everything that we’re doing right now we consider prototyping, model building, to provide a foundation for change including total redirection on any or all pieces by by anyone I'm working with. They do not have language that speaks tentatively that way. We will do this, we do do that, Etc. A model house is not built out of wet spaghetti but actual boards and siding and piping Etc. But the good contractor absolutely knows that it may be that no one will ever live in that model house, they will want something very very different.

LSGIA: this site is designed explicitly for the one in a million past and future Saints

LSGIA: this site is designed explicitly for the one in a million past and future Saints

We wilk do all of our work in front of a panel that we keep in our imagination, a panel consisting of the prior revolutionaries who in our view we have provided the name of Elsewhere on this site.

We’ll be asking ourselves the question I hope, what would they have wanted to see in their formative stages? What would they have wanted it to look like. What would they have wanted us to not waste my time or concern on? What would have been most useful for them to have his content?

LSGIA: in our work here God is essentially synonymous with loving spirit of goodness in action ism….

LSGIA: in our work here God is essentially synonymous with loving spirit of goodness in action ism….

LSGIA: in our work here God is essentially synonymous with loving spirit of goodness in action ism….

LSGIA: in our work here God is essentially synonymous with loving spirit of goodness in actionism, a phenomenon, a miraculous and divine mechanism, of the human nervous system.

At least in western culture through even the healthiest part of that prison it is hard to think of a LSGIA revolutionary who has not spoken of God and lived as though there was a God in the sense of a force, a creature of compassion and truth and allknowingNess. It is at least as hard, it seems impossible, to think of a true revolutionary like king or Gandhi or Jesus himself that lived as though there was a magician. Their so-called followers made up stories to the contrary but no historical record in the slightest indicates that they lived as though there was a magician.

Nor do we.

We work for miracles as do all of the true Revolutionary so out history but we look to know sentient being in the sky to make them happen. We look to ourselves and to a rebirth from living death among our fellow human beings.

LSGIA: a very sobering thought. Revolutionaries have very few equivalent colleagues

LSGIA: a very sobering thought. Revolutionaries have very few equivalent colleagues

At the end of his life Gandhi considered that he had profoundly failed. He based this on the assessment that although Millions had followed his technique and achieved political ends that what he valued which was a revolution of human values occurred almost not at all. The millions did not come to a new way of being, the way of being they were born for, but reverted to the vile creatures of head and flesh the equivalent of what they had overthrown with the British. Gandhi considered himself virtually a total failure.

It is the view of James that there were a few followers of Jesus in the decades after Jesus was killed. This was a pleasant Discovery for him, James. But it does not appear that there were thousands or tens of thousands and they quickly whatever number there were we're replaced never to be seen again by all but one in a million who happily enslaved themselves to the spirit of head and flesh in Jesus name.

It is very hard to think of any exceptions.

So shall we give up and go fishing?

James will do what he can to be a better catcher of The Souls of people with every breath that he is given. The above consideration will only humble him and further intensify his attempt to succeed as well as possible.

LSGIA: what “truth” means to us here

LSGIA: what “truth” means to us here

Although we hold true scholarship in the highest esteem, and things like objective quantitative measures of impact in extremely high esteem, we are bound ultimately in every respect to increasing the amount of goodness in the world. We are not bound to wasting time in idle arguments with cynics or with armchair Observers which in each case represent massive swats of the u.s. community including among those that consider themselves open-minded and progressives. This is not meant to be mean or harsh but it is meant to be clear.

With few exceptions the measure we use for what is true is what has worked, what has been employed, what has had impact by the great revolutionaries that have come before and secondarily as documented by the great Scholars, the very few great Scholars that have tried to give us insight to these processes.

And also what we have proven in our own lives. If we are not relatively healthy and relatively advanced in this area where we are creating this resource then why are you even reading this? But if we are then of course we will draw on what we have learned personally and what works personally while at the same time being transparent as to when we and our experience is the source.

We are absolutely not bound by what the sick professions in this culture hold to be truth. Their measure is what they can get funds for which tends to be safe minutiae regardless of the field. This including most academics that should be sources of serious information on the subjects we are concerned with at this site but rarely so. We are a culture without Vision, those who provide funding to today's researchers are without Vision or Compassion or humanity and therefore the should be thought leaders in Academia do Visionless meaningless work so they can get money for what they consider to be lives.

One of the big implications of this is that people like Sorokin, Maslow, Frankel, Adler, and others steamed in this site and by we that contribute here are not highly esteemed within their fields and often have been disparaged. Jesus was disparaged. Churchill detested Gandhi. United States loves Martin Luther King Jr, just not the real Martin Luther King jr. that was so threatening to the state that they killed him.

LSGIA: empathic listening, the one thing and all psychology proven to be highly Health producing.....

LSGIA: empathic listening, the one thing and all psychology proven to be highly Health producing

It has been 17 years since I completed my masters of counseling work at the a level of course. Except for the sea I gave myself for dissenting on the corrupt politics of the American Psychological Association. I have not followed the field intimately since then but it's quite unlikely that much has changed I would have seen that in headlines.

The one thing highly significant in causing Health to occur in other human beings is empathic listening whether delivered by a mother, a janitor, a friend, a colleague, a teacher, or even a psychologist although probably least they're there objectively a pretty sick bunch.

This has substantial implications for the reconstruction of this new site and movement and for the practitioners Within.

Carl Rogers is the psychologist most responsible for developing and popularizing the concept although he got pretty goofy mid and end of career.

With respect to the site resource and the people committed to developing it short medium and long-term particular attention might go toward how this can facilitate access and listening buy whatever closest approximation we have of modern-day revolutionaries, Modern Day Saints, as possible. James does not consider the above violation of the most important idea he knows, example is the most important thing in influencing people. But it is a substantial fact none the less.

LSGIA: James deeply concerned by how forward he needs to be initially

Dave, in line with some other comments I've shared with you, it continues to nag at me and will continue to nag at me the degree to which I feel pushed initially to put forth for us so many thoughts that seem to have crystallized in my mind and are less clearly suggested in the Saints and Scholars. Who is James to do this? F*** if I know. But they are there and I'm obliged to put them forth. We are not obliged to carry them forward after that but I must put them forth initially so that they can be evaluated. I wish it weren't so but it is.

LSGIA: James has so much to learn, so far to go.

Loving Spirit of goodness in action ism, cultivating it, spreading it, increasing it in myself is my life's work now until the end I expect. I think it should be the life's work of us all. I think it is the life's work we were born for.

It is a new and much brighter and more useful Northstar for me now.

And it also regularly shames me. It is a new way for me to understand the behavior that Wells up in me sometimes particularly with respect to things in the world that I tend to detest or find importantly evil. Such things provoke in me spirit that is anything but LSGIA. I have so far to go.

LSGIA : NOTE, pursued directly delays Justice in fact and LSGIA

LSGIA : NOTE, pursued directly delays Justice in fact and LSGIA

The pursuit of justice typically delays the pursuit of goodness. this is odd and unfortunate. in truth pursuit of justice delays the development of goodness. the very highest echelon Revolutionaries of goodness which are the only true Revolutionaries , this can be seen in their lives probably without exception, unless and until they lose their way as did King and even Gandhi late in their work. they certainly never divert their attention to pursuing justice for themselves and even immediate justice for those populations they devote their lives to.

it is not immediate justice that they pursue. they pursue the development of goodness within the heart of those being abused and within the abusers and within the larger society to create the condition we're j Justice can prevail.
injustice is the symptom necessary certain and absolute of the head and flash strangling LSGIA within each individual. only the freeing of LSGIA can cause justice to prevail.

Correction there are some who lose footting on this che Quivira Martin Luther King late in his life….

LSGIA - LSGIA, mental health, clinically identical

LSGIA : LSGIA, mental health, clinically identical.

It is the understanding and assertion of this movement that LSGIA  itself is clinically human mental emotional and spiritual health Clinically . The work of Abraham maslow one of the few sane and brilliant psychologist does a lot to flesh this out and a few other psychologists also.  Also probably the greatest, Alfred Adler.

Any serious consideration of the most revered individuals throughout history indicates that this is the case as was the explicit work of Maslow, he alone has undertaken this task.

LSGIA: James forehead, stop talking, stop thinking, start loving

This is not what his forehead reads. It reads stop starving, Stop Killing, start loving. But the original conception that hit him totally out of nowhere to use his forehead as a billboard it was stop talking, stop thinking, start loving. I don't remember why the switch took place I think it may have had to do with my sense of accessibility to the reader.

But the more important concept is the first one. In a sensare or ideational culture {Sorokin} and the US pathological culture is a combination of the two now it is a culture that uses talking and thinking to keep LS Gia in the dungeon. None of us collaborating on this site most ever allow this mistake to be tolerated in our cells or in our fellow collaborators although we need to be respectful and gently firm with each other. This is not yet another site for mental masturbation instead of action.

LSGIA. For the moment thi blog under total and complete construction is a workspace for James primarily.

LSGIA. For the moment thi blog under total and complete construction is a workspace for James primarily.

Contrary to my earlier thoughts, as things are evolving I expect to rip into the current blog spot and make it a sketch of the direction that I see. I also see taking license to continue to publish posts there including elements or all contents of our dialogue and to  Republish those on Facebook to the small group of people that sometimes look at what I post there, and unlike the Google Drive where immediately I feel a wonderful responsibility to have that completely transparent between us regarding creation and revisions, for the near foreseeable future I do not see taking the same care with what I do on that blog spots site.

It is wonderful if people watch respond comme contribute collaborate….

LSGIA: how the Saints and Scholars become raging fires of revolution

5:55 a.m. Churning. Some combination of winds reach and blow on the ember of the loving spirit of goodness in actionism within most or all of the Saints and scholars such city becomes a raging fire that consumes their entire life and which they wish to spread to others because the experience as life itself and all that can protect and your true the fire in others is an army attempting to do so. With Jesus it seems to have involved the teachings of Isaiah and Amos that least and the unbearable suffering that he saw cause by the cruel roman Empire on the already destitute Palestinians. Well to do che guevera seeing the misery brought on the poor of South America. Same for Oscar Romero. Well to do David dellinger seeing the misery of the depression. Rachel Corey the misery of the Palestinians Sophie schol seeing the moral and physical miassery brought about morally and physically by the Nazis. Buddha from his privilege seeing the spirit of the Poor crushed. Montague sorokin Einstein seeing the horror of World War 2 and the Spektor of destruction of all of goodness by nuclear weapons and a culture gone insane. Jane Goodall Charles Dickens Victor Hugo Leonard Bernstein my father……..

LSGIA: speed yes. Bury fellow collaborators no

Never ever do I mean to impose on your time or priorities. I try and be responsible in sensing the boundaries of others but at such a passionate creative time I may do a very very very very poor job of that. I need your help to be certain that your boundaries for comfort or not violated by me

LSGIA. target audience

James here. Important clarity coming to me as to the target audience in my mind. What the site needs to be, who it is for. It is for the next potential Gandhi, no? the next post tolstoy the next David dillinger, the next Alice Paul the next Mulholland the next Martin Luther King Jr the next Jesus no?  Or those who are in the process of becoming. Where did they come from, what caused them? And if a fisherman caught them to use Jesus idea who was that fisherman and what was the bait? This thought is a new way for me to understanding the materials that left to my own devices will go on the site, in large Part. I had not been understanding it this way but there is. F.y.i voice typing does weird capitalization sometimes and I don't always take the time to correct it, especially when offline.

LSGIA: Important Genesis of James list of Saints and Scholars

The materials you have seen me advancing so far if only under the name of the Saints and the scholars has very substantially come to me because my own search has been guided these last 18 years by trying to understand pretty much at the molecular level the great change agents that have  come before and what caused them. Martin Luther King Jr was caused by Walter Roush en bushes book in large part and secondary tolstoy’s book the law of love and the law of violence and by gundies life work. Tolstoy was caused largely by the original Greek texts of the gospel and apparently heavily influenced at least by John Ruskin  unto to this last and Ruskin essays by this name along with tolstoy's the kingdom of God is within you created Gandhi.

Mulholland it seems was created by Alice Paul and Alice Paul by Mulholland. Although he can be very very distracting pitirim sorokin’s book the ways and power of love is an exhausted examination of where people that he categorizes as people of the supra conscience came from. Aside from the Greek gospel toast or was also inspired by the lives that these saw being lived by and tie violent communities particularly Quaker in Russia under threat of incredible brutality from Russians which he saw them trans mute time after time as described in PDF detail in the first ten chapters of the Kingdom of God is within you. Dave derringer yeah to jail jail came from it least in  large part the experience of leaving yale  mid degree and going and living with the poor during the depression in hobo camps around the country. I don't quite remember what caused him to do that but that would be interesting. Kahn the frontier Gundy was caused in substantial part by watching the Life of Gandhi.

So the above is kind of circular to be sure. Just to state again the central thought, this site, the target audience and its construction should in humility look very very hard at who the prior Revolutionaries are, what caused them, and in particular the extent to which they were cause by written word that we can read, highlight on the site, no?

Unless forced away James will be at this Joshua Tree campsite for another 5 days. many advantages. among the limitations is no internet access without walking a mile. being offline obviously I can create notes like this but things like voice typing are crippled in their accuracy fluency effectiveness spellcheck at cetera when not online. these days it's hard for me to quiet my mind which is churning and that's good but its also bad, I need my rest and the fact that I can't get online is probably a useful discipline right now at night.

Unless forced away James will be at this Joshua Tree campsite for another 5 days. many advantages. among the limitations is no internet access without walking a mile. being offline obviously I can create notes like this but things like voice typing are  crippled in their accuracy fluency effectiveness spellcheck at cetera when not online.  these days it's hard for me to quiet my mind which is churning and that's good but its also bad, I need my rest and the fact that I can't get online is probably a useful discipline right now at night.


James personal posting. As mentioned elsewhere virtually all of James personal posting is now being done on Facebook.

LSGIA: A friend, James, why is this so hard to read? Why refer to yourself in the third person?.

I hope this message finds you well. I read your blog and the 11 posts. I need more time to do the other reading. I’m having difficulty comprehending (so sorry🙁) Need to re-read. This question may sound ridiculous, but I am inquiring with all due respect:  Why are you referring to yourself in the 3rd person? You make many references to James. Aren’t you James? Thanks and forgive my stupidity. 🌝

My reply: Oh please! ROFL! If I am not a fool or a Madman or an idiot and I am not of those then something I am aware of is that the greatest Spirits throughout history no one reads them. Why? Because it's foreign to us and therefore it requires a tremendous amount of work. It is foreign to us because they are of what I'm referring to by whatever words but I'll say the loving spirit of goodness in action. By whatever words or none. We have been taught by our culture to be spirits of the head and flesh. This is a foreign land. It has taken me many many years and would take me hundreds of years to fully understand this land because I wasn't taught of it. So if what I'm sharing is worthwhile like the works of Tolstoy and the actual words of Jesus and the actual words of Gandhi and the actual words of Martin Luther King jr... . which no one reads because it's hard work, that's why it's hard work. It's not you, a little bit it's me, but it's hard work. And it is a lot that this is early in the total reconstruction, the total Construction, of this movement so any attempt at more detailed word processing are not even being made yet. It'll be another two months before the work has gone into making it more easily accessible to even the few pioneers. But we can't wait. Help is needed now so we have to Wade through now we are early ones. I am so deeply glad that you're giving it a try.

I'm quite aware that I'm referring to myself in the third person. And I don't know exactly why. I find it more interesting. I find it more appropriate. It is an attempted movement at least psychologically by me in the direction that this site needs to be which is not the site of I, not the site of James, but our site, the sight of We. And a site which is transparent. It will have words from King, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rachel Corrie, Sophie Scholl.... Alice Paul, Diane Wilson.... Dave Schwenk hopefully and others. In every case including we direct contributors to the site, transparency requires that we be named. It will be a tragedy if it continues to be that we would know who I is, currently James, that must change quickly.

LSGIA: Help needed ASAP. Word processor where an Android can work on a document and track changes offline. This for collaborative document site and Mission creation. All I've found so far is Microsoft Office 365 which cost $100 a year. Do you know of anything free or less expensive?

Help needed ASAP. Word processor where an Android can work on a document and track changes offline. This for collaborative document site and Mission creation. All I've found so far is Microsoft Office 365 which cost $100 a year. Do you know of anything free or less expensive?

5.1 LSGIA: The centrality of Jesus on this site, in this movement

James is really struggling against sacrificing truth on the altar of inclusiveness. this is the altar on which prior attempts at this movement have died. Specifically the struggle is between honoring the truth that Jesus is probably the greatest Revolutionary that history has yet seen and on the other hand trying to not discourage those of other faith traditions from including themselves in this work. James is quite sure he quite sure can find the courage to not sacrifice the truth on this alter which would be an act of cowardice and stupidity on his part. In truth what should work is that overtime if by some miracle some  great LSGIA soul from a different faith tradition sees the truth in this work as it evolves, could and maybe would announced themselves to the effort that they wanted to create a version better reflective of their faith tradition, and or show how the current work could be protected in aadhearing to the truth while at the same time becoming more inclusive. In James mind it something like the button at the top of some International sites that lets one select English or French or Spanish or Arabic or whatever. Part of his assessment that Jesus is the greatest revolutionary is certainly the limits of his faith and cultural background but Gandhi wasn't limited by James cultural background and he assed that Jesus was the greatest example of a human being that history ever seen and said as much in his correspondence with Tolstoy. Revolutionary movements around the world hold Martin Luther King Jr in extremely high esteem I believe and King absolutely was a continuation of Jesus work.

If you have any strong reactions James would certainly like to know them. He also want to be transparent to you as to why he is proceeding as you will see his initial modeling effort proceed for a while.


Update. Donations welcome. Roughly $800 will be required for the vehicle this month. I had thought such expenditures where at the end and the end of such expenditures is approaching but not yet. The motor was destroyed......

Update. Donations welcome. Roughly $800 will be required for the vehicle this month. I had thought such expenditures where at the end and the end of such expenditures is approaching but not yet. The motor was destroyed due to an inadequate fix for regenerative braking. I'll be going into credit card debt of between 800 and $1,000 by the end of this month which will rectify the situation if current plans hold. The mission, the movement, of helping to re-establish the being we were born to as humans, the loving spirit of goodness in action ISM, has begun. That requires not only access for this Android a smartphone but also laptop which is not available here in the desert. So the current plan is to install the older week motor into the vehicle which should be able to get down into Yucca Valley. The attempt to install that motor will occur now this afternoon and if successful with regret this magnificent State Park will be left at least for now 4 WiFi access for the laptop down in Yucca Valley for some number of days.

12. LSGIA: beliefs, practices, Creed's, techniques, processes, ethics, contact [ this section is out of order and was overlooked. Please note.]

This is a placeholder at the moment. The title above suggests the sections that will be within. This will be among the most fluid of all the sections particularly early on as James takes the liberty of putting forth what he understands so that rapidly others might help make it infinitely more inclusive and adequate.

0. LSGIA: Our Mission, Our Prayer

General site notice: ( acknowledgement in advance of some redundancy and much wordiness here elsewhere in these documents. Even when the miracle of a process of collaboration like this possibly emerging the risks early on of misunderstanding are enormous. This is what you are reading from me. A silver lining, if you struggle through this post 0 you will find that you can skim through redundancy quite quickly in other posts and I encourage you to do so.) If it is ever found that James with the initiate moments of this reconstruction, if it is ever found that he truly values his ideas over the truth from wherever sources can best be understood, then at that moment it will be known that he is not of the Spirit in any way shape or form and a detriment to this effort and should be abandoned and or or stopped.

Having said that, James received the vision for this particular attempt at the reconstruction of the ancient movement.

More importantly, as best he understands it, in the fall of 2001 James explicitly turned control of his life, put in charge of the head and flash he has been given, which he highly values, he put in charge of those the loving spirit of goodness in action-ism as best he understood it at the time, by different words, heart, Loving. Under the crazy control of that spirit he gave all material wealth he had accumulated as a successful hi tech executive, to the woman he been married to for decades and to their biological children, and waged his first anti violent loving onslaught on the murderous apathy that was destroying the lives of thousands of resource starved children in Chester Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Enquirer December 31st 2001) . This largely in the form of his first near death Hunger strike.

Throughout his life and adulthood LSGIA had impact on his life more than it has on most people in this culture but since that time in 2001 it has been virtually 100 percent in charge of his head and flash. He has experienced this as an amazing crazy worthy frightening joyful ride on which he is still being taken.

As a consequence of all this and in the absence of what he has yearned for, others of the same spirit in charge, in collaboration, in the absence of this he is now compelled to do what is risky and undesirable to him, to be a very heavy hand in the initial days of the restart of this movement. It seems he has been given by the spirit to be the initial chief architect and he has been giving vision of what the original construction should look like at least in general, model, form. (A housing construction contractor is likely to build a model in a new development such that those who are drawn to the idea have something specific as a basis for putting forth the changes and improvements they want to see..This is necessary in the creative process as a basis for true and efficient and effective collaboration). And he must push forward forcefully and faithfully at least until the point that that form is clear enough and manifest enough that in the event that what he yearns for, collaborators, emerge that they can go to work on helping him improve the model that he is Duty bound to set forth for them. This is not the position he wishes to be in but its the position he finds himself in and he will bear the burden.

He will passionately hope that those that begin to enter into collaboration will understand that this is what he's trying to do to be certain that they see the model that he is seeing so that the real collaboration of implementing and or modifying that model can begin effectively.

His primary teacher due to history, culture, and circumstance, his primary teacher, a long now with the Saints and scholars mentioned in this document in lesser form, his primary teacher Jesus seems to have said, if you believe in me, if you believe in what I have done, if you understand what I have embodied and embrace it, you will do greater work than mine because I go on to the father now, I rejoin with the spirit now, my physical form comes to an end on earth here now.  And you coming after me have more time to learn and 2 develop and build.

James experiences that he has been given enough of a spark of this earlier movement that he is to forcefully advance it in what hopefully is initially collaborative work to the point that it can become truly and deeply a collaborative work. but it may be rough going for a few days or weeks before that point is achieved, with his hand much much heavier than he quickly wishes it to be.

It is unlikely but possible that by the time true collaboration takes place little that is recognizable of the initial model will remain.)

Our mission, is to carry forward with and in our very lives, and there by complete, the movement to revolutionize, to free, to unleash, the loving spirit of goodness in action and there by to save the world, or that which can still be saved, in ourselves, and maybe a few others, this the work begun by those founders of the movement who have come before us, the Saints*  of the loving spirit of goodness in action ism, and the scholars that inform our work.

Our prayer in whatever way we personally fashion it is like that of the early Christians as understood by brother James:

Loving spirit of goodness in action ism

Glorious are you.

Your rule of earth will come

As your will is done

On earth exactly as we would do in a heaven.

Give us all this day clear vision of what you would have us do.

Lead us not into distraction,

But deliver us from enslavemeant to the spirit of our flash and head.

For thine is the Empire and the power and the glory forever.

*Jesus Buddha Confucius Krishna Muhammad Sophie show Teresa Calcutta Ellen Roosevelt Alice Paul Rosa Parks Harriet Tubman

1. LSGIA: Start, WAGE... Loving Spirit of Goodness in ACTION-ISM... the Being you were born as


1. LSGIA: Start, WAGE... Loving Spirit of Goodness in ACTION-ISM... the Being you were born as

Introduction. I know what is worse my life now and I think maybe it is worth some of yours too. I sure this document with you because.:

It tells you how I'll be spending my life now
It tells you what I think the world needs from all of us most of all now, but really it always has
It gives you some idea of what I will be producing that maybe of interest to you in the future
Most important, and least likely, it gives you an opportunity to see if you want to try and help give birth and life and flesh and Prolifferation to all this. let me know if you do.


PS. I know myself pretty well. when I get a call such as is outlined here its pretty likely to stick. but the ultimate loyalty I have is using every breath that I'm givien to be as much hope for at least one other being on this planet as a possibly can be. that loyalty will always take precedence over everything else.

2. LSGIA: Cornerstone documents

2. LSGIA: Cornerstone documents

Tolstoy’s letter to a Hindu

Gandhi Tolstoy correspondence

The words and life of the man Jesus as informed by the 20 year historical Jesus seminar efforts that ended in 1999.

The McGinley Schwenk dialogs of January 8, 2018.

Dave Schwenk Facebook dialog....

Put 2. Dave Schwenk  messenger dialogue today

Important McGinley development early January in the desert at Joshua Tree

Very important ramblings notes to self

Extraordinarily insightful, Tolstoy Gandhi correspondence. Begin with the introduction. Link here

My life's discovery, and contribution just now.

(As with every aspect of this concept document there will be large medium and or small modifications, re-development, reconceptualization at a rapid pace now hopefully settling down within a month. I yearn for that to be with the thoughtful input and collaboration with as many of you as possible The site will remain living as long as it is of any hope) 

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3. LSGIA: Essential vision opportunity need

Don't we all know that all of the core faith traditions seem to state at their heart some version of the Golden rule? Many many many of us know that. And yet so few in any religion  emBody that.

This makes patently obvious that what's needed is something that is explicitly that of the Golden rule in a way that is very very difficult to misunderstand miss represent adulterat etcetera.

But not another religion although that's tempting. the scholarship is clear that Jesus did not set out to establish a religion. he sent out to establish a way of being. we need to do the same.

Were this effort to begin to have any impact yes it would be viewed as a threat by some in so-called religion, but a potentially useful threat, a goad that they begin to purify themselves down to what they were originally intended to be, and a tool to help them do so.

On a more personal note, about 34 hours ago I awoke after weeks of study and reflection here in the desert, I woke at midnight or maybe 2 a.m. out of a deep sleep, and realized that I hadn't a clue, not the vaguest hint, of what I was to do with my life to try and help this desperately dying world or anyone in it. this was very frustrating, discouraging, depressing and  frightening. an hour later I had what I can only described as a call, I've received some not rarely before, no words nothing like that, a gift from my Supra conscious, a call to use my life to build in the direction that is now crudely outlined 34 hours later in this document. Lol not much sleep in the meantime.

Again on a personal note as this 34 hours reached approximately its midpoint I begin to sense that my life up until now and in particular the deep study and the scholarship and practice that begin 20 years ago has all been in preparation for my role in this effort. And my professional life of leading small medium and fairly large impossible missions was also in preparation for this mission. And my life especially this last twenty years and especially this last 20 months leads me to know that the likelihood that I or this effort will make any difference is between slim and none but this is the best I can see to do to try and help anyone and I will gratefully embrace it and pursue it and work to facilitate it with every breath that I am given.

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4. LSGIA: Purpose of the resources site

The purpose is to help the individual or individuals finding a call within themselves to become a more full and healthy and joyful useful human being in these desperate times, to do so in as reliable and speedy a fashion as possible.

This site will never forget what Switzer said, example is not the major thing in influencing people, it's the only thing. But there is a place for the right words at the right time and this site will seek to fill that void.

The purpose is to be an invaluable tool to increase the likelihood of and the speed with which the loving spirit of goodness in action can prolifferate within an individual yearning for that and among groups of individuals susceptible to that.

This site will remain Mindful, and therefore pressed on with painful urgency, that at least among a few around the globe there is an urgency to get on with the task and work of being fully human, the change that the world needs to see, the change that the world needs to be, the first and last true Revolution or the final fruition of the few true attempts prior, and to be as great an assistance, as great a resources, as great a tool to such individuals as possible as soon as possible as fully as possible.

5. LSGIA: Conceptual description of the resource site

It is to be a repository of the souls and the work done by them, the spirits, and the work done by them, by the prior Saints of loving spirit of goodness in action, and or the scholars that have written Authoritativly of such spirits directly or indirectly.

Secondary but promanently it will include the key techniques beliefs, values, attributes, practices of such beings.

It can and will be enormously inclusive of the large majority of major faith traditions, the Saints there in, the scholarship there in, inclusive of gender, race, but always subordinate to the primary goal of having a seed crystal, a repository, of the extremely pure loving spirits of goodness in action that have existed, there will be no inclusiveness for inclusiveness sake. there will be no adulterating the cure to make it plallatable and at the same time ineffective. there's no time for that, there never was and there certainly is not now.

6. LSGIA: Saints and scholars preliminary list

Saints: Jesus, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther KingJr, Diane Wilson, Buddha, Gandhi, tollstoy, Malalla, Muhammad, Teresa Calcutta, Krishna, Harriet Turman, Francis of Assisting, Rosa Parks, pope Francis, the frontier Gandhi, David Dellinger, sufferejet Mulholland, Alice Paul, Steve Bico, Albert Schweitzer, Sophie Schol, Bonhoeffer, Albert Einstein. Probably half a dozen of these will receive prominent treatment on the site and the rest secondary. this is certainly not put forth as an exhausted list and we'll grow in inclusive miss overtime.

Scholars. Abraham maslow Alfred Adler Sorokin Tolstoy Frankel King Gandhi csikszentmihalye einstein

7. LSGIA: Reading list

This list will adhere strongly to the Saints and scholars section identifying titles, were they can be accessed, for free when possible and downloaded, with free explanatory text (positioning, providing context, guidance and warning where needed.)

8. LSGIA: Header, title, site

Start, Wage, Loving Spirit of Goodness in Action-ism… The Being we were born as.
Terribly long cumbersome name. My professional career was centrally marketing. I know it is a long cumbersome name. This is not attempting to be a religion although that notion is tempting. But whether religion or way of being we can see clearly through history that non descriptive names are immediately corrupted by those of the fleshly and or intellectual spirit. Always and nearly immediately. This must never be put forth as in ism other than with the words describing what it is.

Practical matters also influences the name and masthead. If one Google's the two words start loving or the three words start wage loving what comes up is this particular website. Sure if someone gave us a lot of money or we raised a lot of money we could  create a similar mechanism. money can never be the answer to preoliferating the loving spirit of goodness in action. Spirt is organic and cultivatting and proliferating, re ignite ting. it must be organic. this is an organic advantage technically and needs to be exploited.

The site has been a repository for James activities for 10 or 15 years. that is unfortunate but not in instrumental problem. Hence forward his personal blogging will be done at his Facebook page. Most access to James will be removed from the site labels, access mechanisms, except for in his profile

9. LSGIA: Implementation plan [ updated at the end]

The vision of this has been provided to James, a pitiful weak instrument but none the less it was given to him. Therefore he must attempt to get it born but he desperately needs help in that process.

But the degree to which he does not receive help he will press on regardless.

Regarding the site resource and James he in visions that the resource and prolifferation of the contents of the resource, the loving spirit of goodness in actionism, will be his life's work for whatever time he is givin. He understands this no differently than he thinks others have heard the call essentially the identical call Gandhi Buddha Mohammad Jesus Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr Krishna Assisting…. . Yes as James understands himself he identifies with these, he feels related to these, in type, if falling inexpressibly short in quality.

James finds in the study of the best historical scholarship on the man Jesus, for example, the clear notion that Jesus never identified himself as the one and only son of God. Rather Jesus identified that everyone of us was born as the child of God, the loving spirit of goodness in action, the son or daughter and that all hope for joy in life and for all life on Earth depended upon returning to loyalty to and glorification of that parent. He said quite clearly that we were all born to be God's reincarnation within ourselves, the loving spirit of goodness in action, and there by and only in this way, children of the universal one, the unavoidable defacto alternative being child of the evil one, the fleshly and or intellectual spirit.

Technically the goal is to totally revamp the current website although the layout will remain similar. Posts in the center area and photos leading to major sections on either side.

It is the general sense of James that this totally revamped site will be sufficiently adequate to be implemented in about 30 days time.

Step 1 toward that goal is this text outline provided in this document.

in large part 2, starting now, attempts to cast as wide a net among promising contributors as possible that they get a sense of the direction and a sense of whether their spirit is called to participate.

It would be easier for James to begin modifying the site now but that would be too risky that some of the most promising users or contributors would see early versions too early and miss judge where it was headed lose interest and disengage.

So although more cumbersome and more time consuming for James and potential contributors the development will take place within a shared Google Drive working on individual pieces that will come together on the revamped website. For most or all participants it will be shared in terms of viewing and I hope commenting. James will retain the responsibility for modifying materials unless or until if becomes clear that a spirit or spirits emerge with tremendously similar vision such that joint modifications can take place.

James has played this role throughout his adulthood but in other venues. He has had impact and results would say extremely positive if not miraculous impact in other venues when he has played this catalytic roll, this role of facilitator.  It isn't fun for anyone, it's very hard work, often quite painful like giving birth I suspect, but for those who participate from their heart it is an expressibly joyful.

What anyone who attempts to participate should expect and will encounter is that James will listen extremely deeply and respectfully to what is said, will gladly and aggressively and Greeley and very gratefully incorporate the ideas of others over his own when they are of at least similar value, and after attempts at synchronization when necessary will kindly but firmly and regretfully end collaboration with those where it is discovered that the similarity of vision is not sufficient for time to be spent productively at this time. this will always be regretful and will never be personal.

it is his view that this effort and or those like it is exactly that which has a prayer of saving at least some souls while this Titanic is going down and that if anything could reverse the sinking of the Titanic it would be an effort such as this prolifferating. this is the seriousness with which he will contribute every breath of his life and with which he will administer this particular attempt.

Update. having now had a chance to reflect on this for an hour or so experience is clear that no one will care about this effort in all likelihood and that therefore I probably need not be so careful about how it is implemented. In all likelihood the various sections and components will be published by me as posts on the blog and then brought together when I feel therw is enough in place to implement on a revamped site, and even the revamping at the blog may happen in stages. No one will notice or care either way. Yes this is a sad realization for me but I'll proceed with passion anyway. One in a million, if that's the best I have the hope of then full steam ahead. And I count is one and I need to much more deeply build all this into the cells of my body to be the tiny hope that I newd to be to the world and particularly to future creation.

10. LSGIA: custodianship of the Site, resource [ note, important paragraph just added second to last]

It is almost true to say that until there are multiple custodians, hosts, facilitators, guides, contributors, keepers of this resource it is still born. That would be almost true except there is already one, James. It may reinight or intensify, equip, no one ever beside James but its contents did reignight him bringing him back to life.

James will be the chief custodian until another emerges as an associate custodian. And then another…..?

James yearns for colleagues in this. It will be, or not, time will tell. There is no personal price he won't pay to make that happen but the price of the starting the seed crystal from less than the most perfect form possible, now, will not be paid. This is Central to the downfall of all prior efforts. The universal cure was conceived envisioned created and then adulterated so that it was pallatable to the masses and there by rendered useless at best and terribly destructive more likely.

I'm going to Sprint ahead. I have to to inform my own walk. I have spent years positioning myself in many ways to be able to devote this way. I think others need to get to the same place but it takes time. I know this territory. I will keep it in place. I will not get frustrated with those who can't move as quickly as I might like or as I need to move. And they must try not to get frustrated with me for not waiting. It can work. I've done it over and over and over over the decades.

Fortunately anyone called to attempt to collaborate in the sacred work has a relatively short reading can ask to become qualified to enter in. Please see the section regarding Cornerstone documents. When those documents are red and deeply understood then one, and only then, one is equipped to begin to enter the process. Please hurry.

Oh, did I mention that there is zero room for ego in this? there is zero room for personal selfish interesting this? if I didn't mention it let me do so now. There is 0 0 0 room for personal interest in this effort. there is also zero room for lack of consideration, respect, kindness, but there is room for personal ego interest. this is 100% about future generations. there is 0 room for anything else. zero.

11. LSGIA: Emblem graphic

James needs, this resource needs, and the world needs some emblem that will graphically  encapsulate, inspire, inform, communicate and guide the loving spirit of goodness in action-ism.
Hoping for help and an even a better idea.
In the absence of a better idea James will immediately and quickly press ahead in the following directions with or without assistance. Please provide your help or your better idea. Please. Try.
In my long and deep study of the historical Jesus I frequently see the notion and the fairly clear scripture attributed to him that not one jot and tittle of the law is to be violated but that what he embodied was the initial fulfillment of the Law, loving spirit of goodness in Action-ism, in another words. My understanding of this is my understanding of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly. If the butterfly were able it would have no desire that the caterpillar stop doing what the caterpillar does but it certainly would understand itself as the fulfillment of the work that the caterpillar did and not attempt to hold itself to the rules and laws and being of the caterpillar.
Jesus was that butterfly and tried to lead the rest of us to be that butterfly. Judaism of his day and the culture of his day was the caterpillar and more particularly the Jewish law and practice prior was the caterpillar. This effort must pick up his work and that of the other Saints that have tried to do the same.
1.Hence I see an outline, a large black and white outline of a butterfly, as Central to this Emblem.
Before I go on let me restate what I have stated elsewhere in this document. I will always with the most extreme gratitude when faced with the opportunity to implement my own idea or that of someone else I implement the idea of another when the ideas are of roughly equivalent promise. life taught me early on that our baby will receive infinitely more passionate and competent care than will my baby alone. but ultimately I will protect the baby with my life if there are no other parents committed to the task with me.
2. The primary dominant words to be: loving spirit of goodness in action-ism.
3. The lead in words to be: Start, Wage…. why? as mentioned elsewhere it is currently a fact that if the words start loving or start wage loving are searched in Google the first thing that comes up is this website’s Url. If we stop using those lead-in words in combination I presume that that advantage will be quickly lost.
4. Not bold but the ending words to be:.... the being we were born as. As tempting as it would be this is not a religion or an attempt to replace other religions or to start a new one. It is in attempt to rekindle, to reignite the spirit born into every infant. It is an attempt to reestablish our natural normal way of being and in the attempt to avoid misunderstanding, and to prevent corruption, and misunderstanding…. it is important to end with these words. I say this not to prove that this is the correct way but to provide the reason that I think it is.
My 1977 masters degree from Syracuse University was in business marketing and that was Central to my practice most of my adulthood. I don't say this to discourage alternative ideas, badly I want them.  I am very mindful of the downsides of cumbersome long complex emblems or labels or phrases or names. But I am more mindful of what has happened in every prior attempt when a non descriptive easily corrupted easily misunderstood easily misrepresented name has been affixed to such efforts, Christianity Buddhism Islam atheism…. . it's a recipe for disaster which we must attempt to avoid.

5. It is way beyond my graphic ability but if one is aware of the bumper sticker from a group advocating coexist where the emblems of various faith traditions are integrated into the design it seems to me that there could be a clever and effective way of implementing those symbols, and possibly others such as the gender symbols, into the design of the butterfly probably in size of each roughly approximating the size of the global population currently participating in that religion. there for with the cross being the largest and most Central which I think would be helpful graphicly as well.
Quickly within weeks I anticipate the Emblem will be finalized enough that it can become my new uniform every waking moment, replacing my current one and will become the dominant and almost only emblem on all facings of Sol, the solar cycle that carries me around. Please help, now. And more importantly it will be an emblem that others could choose to employ themselves.
No I don't like this. I want something much better. but this is my current place holder mockup of concept except white on black although others could do it white on black or whatever.
Almost always including in this case it will be a trap we should recognize beforehand to try and be conventional, to try and be modern, to try and fit in, to try and do it the way that is in vogue…. No, it is not the intention to go in the opposite direction but to a degree Gandhi was correct, truth is God, we must sacrifice at the altar of doing our best to represent the truth of our souls and take whatever consequences are the result.
And it is way beyond my ability to even try and incorporate the concept in number 5 above but I hope someone else tries.
Totally and again and not in defense of the crude mockup above I would love something that is much simpler much less cumbersome than thiss. please show me. but this effort cannot be and will never be about the impossible job of starting with the masses.  Our best hope is one in a million and maybe one in a billion at the beginning. A fire is started with little bit of tinder and twigs and it is deadly folly to try and start with a large pile of logs. But James even the one in a billion who's soul calls them even slightly to this Emblem despite the confusion and complexity will have to ask, will have to stop and ponder! yes! and the problem with that is what?
That which would give light burns, those who would give light must endure burning.Paraphrase of Eleanor Roosevelt.


Warning, alert, to friends. Too often I have failed you, though I am learning, I have failed you by enabling Tendencies to not focus on important work that no credit to me I'm involved with by incessant reminders to you and by posting on all too easily available entertaining Facebook. I have been moving.....

Warning, alert, to friends.

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Too often I have failed you, though I am learning, I have failed you by enabling Tendencies to not focus on important work that no credit to me I'm involved with by incessant reminders to you and by posting on all too easily available entertaining Facebook. I have been moving in the right direction and I anticipate that will continue, that is, more and more my posts will be only on my blog. On the right hand side there is a small window where one's email address can be placed for an Anonymous daily summary of posts to that site. If there is anything about this you don't understand and you care to ask please let me know. By the way, within days or even hours of having access to wifi, in about a week, if not before, this blog will be transformed into a repository for the restart of Jesus Quest, establishing his religion of loving Spirit of goodness in action ism, if Creator intends to grant me the time and Life to be a catalyst for this.