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Darfur Hunger Strike March 1st; Ascent Begun

Today I began the physical ascent toward hunger strike for Darfur - severly reduced calorie intake restricted to vegitables, fruit and nuts. The idea and mental ascent began yesterday. I remain in prayer over the idea and it may change and not go forth fully, but I suspect that it will.

As before, I experience it as a "call." It is not a coolly calculated move on my part. Yesterday the idea entered my mind entirely unbidden and unexpected. The idea was not unwelcome. :-)

I expect to continue at Thomas's working on construction for some more days. My "call" to place the completed construction under his work as a cornerstone remains unchanged.

In just the little time I've had to pray over this for clarity what has come to me includes:

* March 1st seems a strong anchor for the beginning of a campaign to end the Genocide in Darfur.

* My hope remains the students. My hope is slim and almost none. They are not the calibre of human being that we had in the 1960's and early 1970's. Profound selfishness. Almost no conception whatever of Otherishness. There are 2.5 months left with the students in school. They will be entirely worthless after that.

* HEROES: Heaven on Earth Requires Otherishness to Eliminate Selfishness.

* Hunger Strike: Hunger strike is of no earthly good. But the genocide is not happening for earthly reasons. It is happening for spiritual reasons. A hunger strike done out of pure brotherhood, a hunger strike waged as an act of Love, of Othershness can kindle the flame of Otherishness/Love/Brotherhood, can kindle the Spirit in others.

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