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JESUS LED US TOWARD SUFFERING. Less we'll do for "our family?"

I did.

But for the first time in my life I see the first part, above, clearly. Jesus led us toward suffering.

Jesus paid the ultimate price to lead us toward suffering in two ways:

FIRST: " you do unto the least of these...." Jesus did all within his power to focus our attention, focus all of our attention on the least of these, those who need us the most, those who can most be the reason our Life is important, Significant!

SECOND: "... if you lose your life you will gain your Life...." Life (capital "L") is the yellow part of these graphics. "life" (lower case "l") is the gray. PLEASE STUDY THIS LINK. CLICK. If you look closely, and imagine the implications of this link just mentioned you may begin to see clearly, as I finally am, that
JOY / Life (of the Spirit) is in the direction of Suffering; suffering from moving:
* AWAY from "Stuff" toward your SOUL;
* AWAY from "Superiority" toward SOLIDARITY/Brotherhood; and
* AWAY from today's "Systems / Institutions" toward SERVICE/Father's Will.

Suicide! Terrifying!

But Jesus died trying to to give us in return for "going through suffering" our Life:
* Our Soul (deep Love of True Self),
* Our Brothers, Solidarity, (reuniting with our entire human family!), and
* Service of Our Father (the process of being Life itself to others - Uniting with, and "being" a piece of the Creator, our Father). You know, Jesus tried to give us Heaven.

How much longer will we be willing to lead our children and "family" to Hell when we could be leading them to them Heaven?

I am going to try to lead you through Suffering to Heaven.

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