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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MASS THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is really shocking and amusing to me how long it takes me to "get it."

Only in the last two days have I come to the realization that what Jesus was, and what we are all called to be is Mass Psycho therapeutic Therapy (see !!!ADLER!!! post below.) This is what I am doing furiously marching and occupying the Sudan Embassy / Embassy Row sector.

All the Saints saw this potentiality, that something could mass shock us out of our manic selfishness into the clinical health of mass Brotherhood and Otherishness. There is no question that they saw this and dedicated their lives accordingly. For a brief time we saw Jesus, King and Gandhi have this mass impact. We all have had moments, days, weeks, months when something (book, movie, event...) or someone had this mass therapeutic mental health impact on us.

This is what Jesus and Life call us to do, to learn, and to dedicate ourselves fully to.

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