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Remember the children's game, a horrible one at that, "Musical Chairs?" The music stops, there is always one too few chairs, you are to sit down, the person without a chair is out!?

It is like that with Heaven except there are always enough chairs.

When your time is up, if you are not 100% carrying the Cross for one of "the least of these my family" you don't get in. If you are, you are in for sure.

The real point here is exactly and entirely what Dr. King said: "A man is not [able / equipped] to live unless he knows what he would die for." If you are not fully immersed in serving the needs of "the least of these [His] family" you are not being fully utilized and hence are not fully Alive and your Joy is not complete.

At least, this is what Jesus was dying to show us with his words and life.

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