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As I've shared below I now see clearly that by "Give us [all] this day our daily bread," Jesus was showing us that WE must see that OUR JOB is to live in such a way that we show others the daily bread - what our Father wants us to do NOW, TODAY. Yes, of course we don't know for sure and each individual must find the Truth within themselves. But never the less we are exhorted with this prayer to do our best to discern and show the truth to others. An easy example, an elementary school collapses, the parents are shell shocked outside just standing - pretty good bet that their "daily bread" is to wake up and to inside and save their children. If you were NOT shell shocked this would be your opportunity to serve their "daily bread."

What I did NOT see is that we give others their daily bread by BEING OUR daily bread.

How do you learn to ride a bike. You get on the bike and ride. So many times Jesus said, follow me. Just follow me and then you will know the truth. Get on the bike and ride.

Now that I am following His call moment by moment I am beginning to learn how to ride and how it works. Walking that intersection hour by hour; staying in and around the Embassy 24 hr/day... I see that for at least a few people I AM their "daily bread;" I AM their call to wake up and go and save their children. They may not be consuming it, but they are seeing it. It is available. And if I don't make it/ become it/ be it - they ain't gunna get it, cuz no one else ain't makin it.

My job and yours is to be the Daily Bread in as much volume as we can be it for as many people per hour as we can serve.

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