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Hunger Strike begun at 12:01 AM Dec. 18th


The Hunger Strike (scroll down for details; water if provided and vitamins) to bring about the immediate shift of $200 BILLION FROM WARMAKING TO PEACEBUILDING began at 12:01 AM December 18th, one week before the birthday of my #1 hero and Gandhi's and ML King Jr's - Jesus. Racing to get on the Hill by MONDAY morning. We are out of time. Forgive my silence up until now. Causing this immediate $200 Billion SHIFT, NOW, demands all my attention; ALL OUR ATTENTION. Any questions you have will have to be addressed at this site or youtube: StartLoving1. The time for "talking" is passed. LONG passed. We KNOW what to do, and we're going to die avoiding it. If The Great Turning is going to happen for all but the survivors, WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW BY BRINGING ABOUT THE "SHIFT." There is no February 09.

This is already my most difficult hunger strike as the previous ones have sapped much of my physical and emotional strength, and every day of my journey these last 3 years it has become more clear, and more disheartening, how beyond redemption we 2009 humans have become. "Oh you twisted and faithless [Humanity-less] generation. How long must I bear with you?" Matt 17:17. This country is a graveyard, filled with walking dead; vampire zombies. But those few that survive in future generations must have their legends - that a few DID try to Live for them. I expect to be in an emotional and physical "cave" until either Dennis Kucinich informs me that the "Shift" is "going to happen," or my body gives out. No, he knows nothing of this, unless you have gotten word to him. I expect from time to time I will record insights and thoughts at if the charging of my batteries is accomplished by someone, and I am supplied with water, and waste water removal. Physically I am in final preparations away from the Hill until Christmas Eve morning (now Monday morning, tomorrow. No time to wait) at which point I expect to remain on the Hill 24/7 until either of the two eventualities mentioned above.

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henriettavintondavis said...

Learned about your hunger strike yesterday. I suggest a Global Month of Prayer Peace from December 20 2008 to January 20 2009. There is power in the Human Spirit and it is a Righteous Power.