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D50+20 'Bodyfat gone 25 days early. Now I'll burn hotter, Thank God.'' SL youtube


Bystand baby Bystand - Huge chunk of ice breaks off Greenland glacier

Bystand baby Bystand -
Read 'Huge chunk of ice breaks off Greenland glacier' from our blog The Lookout on Yahoo! News. A block of ice four times the size of Manhattan has split off from a Greenland glacier and melted--an event so dramatic that it's shocked the scientists who study the area. Alun Hubbard of Aberystwyth Uni...

D50+19 One of two shirts SL uses and where it can be purchased

One of two shirts SL uses and where it can be purchased -

Death by Greenhouse Global Warming Earth Carbon... Tshirt by You!
Death by Greenhouse Global Warming Earth Carbon... Tshirt by You!

D50+19 'With, 'We're Dying,' I BECAME SANE, HUMAN, REAL, ALIVE.' SL

THANK GOD. Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador Over Leaked UN Report

Turkey expelled Israel's ambassador to Ankara on Friday and suspended all military agreements after details emerged of a United Nations report into last year's deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound Turkish ship.

D50 19 'SL is now losing verbal and brain functions.' SL

D50+19 'Ted Glick, I'm the only one SUBMITTING TO the true Goal. Prove me wrong. PLEASE.' SL

DO NOT NOT NOT MISS: Paper Disputing Basic Science of Climate Change is 'fundamentally flawed.'

One month ago, a paper by Roy Spencer and William Braswell was published in the journal Remote Sensing arguing that far less future global warming will occur than the scientific community currently anticipates. This highly controversial finding – controversial since it is at odds with observations, ...

D50+18 'Jensen, Hansen, McKibben - YOU'VE NO RIGHT TO ACCEPT DEFEAT.' SL


D50 18 'USELESS, WITHOUT A LEADING EDGE - A Kinfe, and a Movment.' SL

D50 18 'Sprinting twd Green - YOUR PERSONAL MORAL DUTY.' SL


Plan B 3.0 Audio Book Ch 12a Sprinting Toward Renewable Energy


Second giant ice island set to break off Greenland glacier
New photographs taken of a vast glacier in northern Greenland have revealed the astonishing rate of its breakup, with one scientist saying he was rendered "speechless."

Climate Change Poses Major Threat to Cambodia’s Rural Poor | Economy Watch
The Cambodian economy faces major problems for its predominantly rural population in the event of more erratic climate shifts, according to the United Nations Development Programme’s 2011 Cambodian Human Development Report.


Mayor Declares Sept. 'Climate Change Awareness Month' - San Antonio & Texas News Story - KSAT San A
SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro used this summer's heat wave as an example that the climate is changing and outlined a need to change resident's habits to greener ways. Wednesday, August 31, 2011.

D50+17 'The word 'Solidarity's' taken a massive new prominence for me.' SL

Maybe the most important work ever done by me is here - .  Done years ago, the word "Solidarity" is prominent.  But only in the last few days have I found myself naturally, and involuntarily saying "10'S OF BILLIONS OF US ARE BEING TORTURED AND KILLED BY TODAYS COWARDLY, DISGUSTING INACTION."  NOW, I stand in Solidarity.

THIS is what Love is.
This is what UNIVERSAL LOVE is.
THIS is what Brotherhood is.
THIS is what Christlikeness is.
THIS is what being Christian is.

I didn't know.  Now I do.

Obama to Kids: Carbon is Warming the Planet, Intensifying Hurricanes and Droughts. We Should Do Some
Presidents say the darndest things to kids. Obama opened up on climate change in a recent interview with a child reporter from Scholastic News. Compared to his recent reticence to talk about global warming and climate change at all, Obama is positively loquacious here. Here’s the transcript: … Anot...

Biden: ‘If We Don’t Develop Renewable Energy, We Will Make the Biggest Mistake in This Nation’s Hist
In a call to arms this afternoon at the National Clean Energy Summit, Vice President Joe Biden made the case for continued investments in renewable energy, explaining that “we have to unleash” innovation in the sector to stay competitive and rise to the environmental and economic challenges of the d... An Eyes Wide - Mr. Start Loving on his 50+16 day of his Hunger Strike for Green Energy. on Vimeo Original here -

Vermont Governor praises federal hurricane response
Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (D) praised the federal government's response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene in his state. We're getting tremendous help from the federal government.


It has been stunning, and until recent years, devastatingly painful, to find that just the people and groups with whom I expected to find kinship - ZERO. Dead. Cold as Ice.  Total alienation.  'peace activists,' 'churches,' 'catholic workers,' etc, etc, etc.  Yesterday was a huge leap for me in terms of clarity as to what is going on -

I had a really important clarity yesterday. As you may know, but the McKibben Climate club doesn't know, or care, I've been planning this action for months. They show up here about 10am and move to just inches behind where I stand about 11am. I have a sound system blaring clips from Plan B 3.0, the 'failure is not an option' scene from Apolo 13, and my own What Start Proposes  . Well, you can imagine their rage, and most days someone comes over, frustrated as hell, 'WILL YOU PLEASE TURN THAT DOWN? THE NATIONAL MEDIA IS HERE. WE WANT TO GIVE SPEECHES. BLAH BLAH BLAH. 'No,' is my reply. Yesterday the semi-drunk guy that came to ask me, after hearing 'no,' 3 times, in desperation added, 'WELL, WE'RE ON THE SAME SIDE, AREN'T WE?' I thought for a moment, 'No,' I replied. This was enormously clarifying for me. Thinking more of it later I realized - WE ARE ON EXACTLY OPPOSITE SIDES - YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF 'ME,' 'SELFISHNESS,' 'DO SOMETHING AND FEEL BETTER,' and I'm on the side of 'WE,' 'BROTHERHOOD,' 'SOLIDARITY,' 'FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.' THESE ARE THE TWO EXACTLY OPPOSITE WAYS OF BEING. D, this is why you are the only compadre, and maybe Lizzie, that I have. slSee More

'Catastrophic' Vermont Floods Kill Three, Governor Blames Climate Change

'Catastrophic' Vermont Floods Kill Three, Governor Blames Climate Change
MONTPELIER, Vermont, August 30, 2011 (ENS) - At least 24 people have died across eight states as a result of Hurricane Irene, according to emergency officials.   After first making landfall in North Carolina on Saturday, August 27, Irene had decreased to tropical storm force by the time it reached Vermont late on Sunday. Nevertheless, the impact was devastating....

One of hundreds of Vermont roads damaged by Tropical Storm Irene (Photo by Senator Patrick Leahy)

Tibetan monks get stiff prison terms in burning death,0,5947771.story?track=lat-pick
China has sentenced three Tibetan monks as accessories to murder for having helped another monk burn himself to death in a political protest.

D50+17 'I'm 100% Certain that if anyone Lives stand with me they would or will.' SL

Of course I continuially search for, is this Hunger Strike the right way to
fight for A Future, for our lives, for a life not full of torture and needless
suffering.  'YES,' is the answer I keep getting.

Yes, I'm standing alone, 100% alone.  In a graveyard you stand alone,
if you stand.

I think we're all dead - zombies, drones, humaniods - clinically.  But I
don't know that, and what little hope there is to head off climate genocide
depends 100% on igniting what infinitesimally little dry wood there might
be, in time.  So, 100% alone, 100% alone, I am at complete peace that
this is the right action, at the right time, in the right way.  If it costs me
my life (doubtful), or my health and faculties (likely), I'm 100% at peace
with that.

Come to think of it, I suspect this is how Jesus viewed it at the end.

An Eyes Wide - Inside Look Series: Mr. Start Loving on his 50+16 day of his Hunger Strike for Green Ene
Fighting with true love to fight and raise awareness against the GLOBAL CLIMATE GENOCIDE.


Great pic by David Eyes Wide

Bill Nye: Science Of Climate Change Is 'Quite Compelling' (VIDEO)
In a recent interview with the Fox Business Network, Bill Nye (yes, the Science Guy) explained to host Charles Payne that Al Gore's recent comments on the need for climate change discourse may not be far off point, especially when one considers the science behind it all.

D50+16 - Total, complete laryngitis has knocked me off of video logs

Wow, I've had it often years ago but never so sudden, so complete.
Zero voice, intense fatigue that I just shrug off.  Would be nice if
it goes soon, but time will tell.

AGAIN Obama acts while Citizens WHINE, and do NOTHING - The Associated Press: Biden calls for new cl
By CRISTINA SILVA, Associated Press – 6 hours ago if (gbar.lPWF) { gbar.lPWF(function() { gapi.plusone.render('plusone-div', { "size" : "small", "count" : "true", ...

TALK, ACTIVSTS TALK, AND VIDEO, AND SIT, AND WATCH... Record-breaking river flooding swamps New Jers
WAYNE, New Jersey (Reuters) - Swollen rivers submerged stretches of northern New Jersey on Tuesday, damaging homes, flooding roads and stranding residents, hundreds of thousands of whom had no electrical

Derrick Jensen - Cult Leader, Propagandist Extraordinare, Saboteur of all Hope

This guy is dooming us all.  What a whack job.  On of his drones just approached me
in the park.  'Oh, we're on the same side,' he said. 'I'm with Deep Green Resistance.'
'You're going to doom all our chances with your stupid attempts at sabotage.  This
will be a police state in a minute,' I said.  'It is already a police state,' this idot said.
Egypt was a police state.  These guys are doom unless we ignite the right movement
of hearts to smother their movement of vengence, voilence, hate, propaganda and

Buffett Faults Tea Party, Widens Rift With Republicans - The Washington Post
Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Warren Buffett, the self-made billionaire and son of a former Republican congressman, continues to widen his rift with the Republican Party by pressing for tax increases on the wealthy and reinforcing ties with President Barack Obama. Buffett has called the Tea Party appr...

What to call James Hansen - Brittney or God or Jesus come to mind. [NOT scientist, any more.]

I only half believed this atrocity till I found it on this guys Columbia University site -

From his hat, he fancies himself Indiana Jones.  A self described shy and retiring
engineer / scientist now surrounded by fawning crowds.  A scientist no more -
a diva now, with no sense of his own limits.  Pontificating on the Politices?
Pontificating on the economics?  Pontificating on what Pr. Obama should do?
Trampling, TRAMPLING the science and technology of others - '

Renewable Energies are Grossly Inadequate for Our Energy Needs" 

 Thank you omnicient GOD James Hansen.  Go to Hell.



CRUCIAL - D50=14 'WHAT DO THEY NEED FROM ME? The Highest Standard, Love, asks.' SL

D50+15 'You'll not hear from me anymore.' SL

Labor Expert Is Right Choice to Lead Obama’s Economic Team: View
With unemployment stuck above 9 percent, the U.S. needs all the job-creation expertise it can get. For that reason, President Barack Obama’s choice of Alan Krueger, an eminent labor economist, to head the Council of Economic Advisers is an inspired one.

D50 15 'SL's new White House post, 10-12 hrs/day.' SL

Climate change deniers will be seen as racists one day, says Al Gore
Mr Gore said that in order for climate change alarmists to succeed, they must 'win the conversation' against those who deny there is a crisis.


Mental illness rise linked to climate
Mental illness rise linked to climate

'If anything happens to me, EVERYTHING I am and know's on Start Loving blog.' SL

D50 14 'WHAT DO THEY NEED FROM ME? The Highest Standard, Love, asks.' SL

Obama stays on top of Tropical Storm Irene
President Obama isn't letting his guard down now that Hurricane Irene has been downgraded to a tropical storm and done its worst damage to East Coast communities.

Firefighter dies after attempting water rescue in Princeton
A firefighter has died after attempting a water rescue in Princeton, Gov. Chris Christie announced this afternoon. “We’ve learned that a firefighter has succumed to his injuries from an attempted swift water rescue that took place in Princeton,” said the governor. The firefighter was not immediately...

D50 14 'Last Will and Testament.' SL

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D50+14 'HISTORY'S MOST CRUCIAL 2 MONTHS, If I see a fire Starting, strike ends.' SL

D50+14 'SL, I worry. Take care.' 'WE'RE DYING. Worry you should.' SL