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GW's Death. Fast2. Day 4B - Operational Issues, Posting. Calorie-starved. JOYFUL.

  • Operationally it has been a week of struggle to diagnose a solar batter that arrived smashed, partially, is if flaky, and to do what I've always done, massively help advance the connection between an emerging market, products, and early clients.  What the solar companies do not know about their products, and therefore don't communicate, is stunning, but typical. Fact.  Fact.  GoalZero, the most promising vendor by far, an engineer there has figured out that I provide, more than I take, and he has been great.  I'm doing some final diagnostic testing that is pretty automatic, so much less distracted from the real work.  I literally outlined a buyer's guide, competitive, for them tonight that includes what I've had to spend 10's or more hours in recent years figuring out, researching, pulling together, pulling teeth....
  • Dozens of important posts today to  TPB .   You know, if you haven't subscribed to the daily summary there, I can't fathom why you waste a second on anything to do with me.  For Creation's sake, subscribe there, and get others to, and daily review the email summary you'll receive.
  • My friend that could be of such hope to the world seems to be on the financial footing he needs to be for the trip he's talked about to scour the country's most promising places for the start of a mass wave of hunger strikes here in DC soon.
  • For the first time in, oh, 10 years, my work is on a granite foundation for wifi, computer, electricity, and basic, basic, basic financial needs of the work.  $5 for this.  $10 for that.  A miracle of which I'll always be in awe.
  • Judging by lack of strength and physical sensations, unpleasant, my body is pretty calorie starved.  It sure knows that for 3 days I had zero calories, and for the last two, just one day's rations between the two.  The internal bleeding, or whatever it is, comes and goes in terms of what it feels like.  
  • Important vlogs I shot 2 days ago, the videos are up here , and here  , 
 Tomorrow priority #1 is publishing transcriptions of the vlogs, and then moving on with the first of 3 updates to book 1, "Global Warming's Death.  Fast."

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