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12.30.12 'Early, painful Death without Chemo, Now. Impossible to stop the vigil, Now. - My "Inconvenient Truth."' Loving

An "Inconvenient Truth,"  Get it?  LOL!

Seriously, that IS my inconvenient truth.  And yours?  What is stopping You from giving 100% to avert eternal Ecocide for our next 200 billion kids?

I've learned quite a bit about staying warmer out here and have adjusted my procedures accordingly - carefully carry as much heat from my sleeping-bag body into my sweaters, coat, socks, each pant leg, mittens... as I dress in the morning.  Second's count!  If I'm too slow or lax, and it is a cold arm, or let, I put into cold clothing, it may take me all day to warm up again. 


 An entire day about 3 days ago, deeply cold, damp... caused me to do some learning.

Plus, my body is acclamating.  Our physiology is amazing.  Things physically change, after days.  2 weeks ago where 45 degrees felt realllllly cold, now it is 34 degrees.

And, keep out the wind, with a tarp, jackets, object to block the wind.  Just 5 mph of wind drops the effective temperature 5-10 degrees.

The last 3 days or so have been near 100% prayer, meditation, reflection... for me.  This is extremely unusual, but not unprecidented for me.  The several weeks prior when I read and re-read the INDISPENSIBLE creators of Gandhi and MLK Jr - Leo Tolstoy's "Gospel," and "Kingdom of God...", it is like they were a near body-crushing (in a Good way) work-out for my nervous system, and it has taken at least these last 3 days for my nervous system to adjust, digest, grow, and recover.  Astonishing.  Am I recovered enough today to begin further study?  Don't know yet.

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