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John, Johnny, Brian, how I'm spenging your support - Accountability

John, Johnny, Brian,

I'm a strong believer in accountability.  You guys have been huge in the support you've been given  - keeping me in electricity is a bear.  I owe you an accounting. If and when you are not satisfied with how I'm using your time and equipment, computers, you need to let me know.

From the instant you bring them, like 7am, till you pick them up, like 9pm I'm gratefully on them, not a second is wasted.

Today was spent updating to rev 3 the book 1 (done), communicating to all supporters (done), updating the video logs into a playlist that is an exact mirror of the text doc book (25% complete), pasting in links within the book to the video logs (30%), updating the playlist so it IS the book 1 in video (30%), uploading the rev 3 of the book to Scribd for online avail (done), shooting an intro vid for the book (done), putting the book on both blogs via scribd (done), having a sister in Christ cover the wifi for a month (done).

Big day thanks to you three, in primary.  

Next priorities:  Finishing above; Creating an mp3 version/audio book of the Book 1, and publishing it online - about 14 hours of work to do right, roughly. 

Then:  Book 2, written for my friends and Family at Occupy DC truth be told - "Resurrecting the Potent pre1970's Activism, in Time.", about 20 video logs to transcribe, most not too long (maybe a day); then the same treatment as book 1, youtube, video version, completed book.

If you guys are willing to keep my going, wayyyyyyy longer even now than original expectations, I don't know how much longer, probably 3-5 days.  If it is time for quits, totally ok.  I'm blessed, the work is blessed by you patience and support thus far.

I've grooved a lot of new tricks, techniques, services with book 1 so book 2 should go smoother.

Loving u 3

Loving's Book 1: "Global Warming's Death. Fast. Till enough are seen dying for it, global warming won't stop."

Global Warming's Death. Fast. DRAFT 2 052612


My beloved Barack - 3 strikes and you are out.

My infinte love and respect of Pr. Obama are now gone.  I pray I see that this is in error.

1.  Refusal to stand against the extermination of the Palestinians.

2.  Refusal to declare all out unviolent war on warming gases.

3.  Allowing the police to brutally, cruelly, lawlessly smash freedom of expression in
Chicago last week.

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