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01.25.13 Day 20-3 In Turmoil Discerning Chemo Arrangements

From a note to a kind soul that navigates patients in the DC medical system:

"I pray you are well.

It is perfectly clear to me that with recent political developments regarding
the cause to which my life is dedicated, averting Ecocide, there
is a need for me to beat this cancer so that I can be on the field
of battle for as many years as possible. 

Will you Sister, without yet taking any action on my behalf, please advise me?

*  Would it be possible, do you think, for me to re-initiate care
from Dr. M?  How would I go about that - just email her?

*  How would I re-initiate the two tests that were required - brain
scan and PET scan of my liver?

What remains unsettled for me is the "where," DC or
Philadelphia?  My #1 choice is in DC because
that is where Politically I am likely to be able to be the most help.  However,
the lodging that is necessarily required by the hospital for me is hugely problematic

A.  I can't even consider the wonderful C. House because, of
necessity, given their primary clientele, they are 100% restrictive on internet
communication and I would forgo the chemo rather than be cut off from
internet communication for 6 months.  Impossible for me.  Living Death,
literally, for me.  Quite literally I've paid most every material price a
person can pay in this society, these last dozen years, in order to fight
full time for our children, every price, EXCEPT FOR MY PRIMARY TOOL
IN THE FIGHT -  the Internet, and access thereto.

B.  Doc C has kindly told me that the Infirmary at a local Homeless Shelter would likely
be available to me, but in the absence of any detailed knowledge of that
arrangement, which is probably what I will do anyway, I imagine that
whatever possessions I had there would be subject to likely theft, which means that
I would not be able, even on days when I was healthy and mobile, to have
with me the things I need for the activist work I do; removing the primary
reason for me to be in DC!  Argh!  Plus, I'm guessing, the way most shelters
are, my hours of exit and entry would be highly restricted, further limiting my
activism on healthy days.

C.  I think that B above, the Infirmary, is how I will likely go, if Howard,
Dr. M, would take me back, but due to the major restrictions
I mention, I am unable to yet part with the idea
of staying with friends in the Philadelphia area, if the Medicare could be set up
here and treatment secured here.  This option is almost out of the question for me because
I am unwilling to be a burden to them, dear, dear folks.  But because of the
problems mentioned above, I also can't get clear in my head and heart, yet,
the best way for me to proceed.

If you can share with me any answers to the above, I'd be very grateful.

Your brother, no matter what, 

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