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A Sacred Sister has asked me - "What's it like to be on extended hunger strike, spiritually?"

What's it like to be on extended hunger strike, spiritually?  I'm
Honored by your question.

What is it like to accept pregnancy a 2nd time, or a 3rd?  Well,
no, I never have, but I think there is a similarity.  It is not done
to seek the pain of birth, but is run toward for the Joy of the
possibility to create Life!  That's my guess.

Hunger Strike, as diane would do it, Chief Spence, Gandhi... is
an ultimate expression, Act of, and PARTICIPATION IN Loving -
It is an Unviolent War Shriek, out of Love - "What is at stake,
what is needed is so Sacred, I'm here to offer the
Ultimate Price I can Pay, with JOY, the Gift of my Life, so that
others, so that Creation, might have Life."  This is to participate IN the Divine
Work of Creation.  I've never thought of it quite this way, except
that you've asked me to share, but this is how it is, most all the time.

And, it is to participate, constantly, in the Ultimate Agony of what
we are doing to our most vulnerable, most Sane brothers and sisters,
and the most pure of Creation - Creation itself, the trees, animals,
fish... our Children, our GrandChildren, in FACT, the next 200
billion children.

There are times of distracting, debilitating physical weakness,
discomfort, nausea, pain, hospitalization sometimes...
but much more often, there is a freedom from the physical
distractions, demands and energies associated with maintaining
one's own physical life.  Eating, metabolizing food itself, takes
a huge amount of physical energy, and in my experience, at least, for
many weeks of the Hunger Strike, that energy is released to
use by the Spirit - resulting in hugely heightened Wisdom, Awareness,

Now, as Gandhi was emphatic, unless a Hunger Strike is undertaken
and maintained out of Universal Love, Universal Family IT SHOULD
NOT, AND MUST NOT BE DONE!  But if it is, I suspect that what
I've experienced and outlined here, is not too dissimilar from the experience
of others, including Chief Spence.

It is for the most part, a deeply Humbling Participation in Creation,
with the Creator.  A Deep Dive into the Heart, of oneself, into
those of even a totally oblivious and near Dead Human Family.
It is Not Bliss. But it IS Divine. It is OF the Divine, and Within
the Divine, in Partnership.

And a final caution to all, especially Chief Spence - the Hunger Strike is NOT OVER when calories begin to be consumed!!! This can be the most taxing, most exhausting, most dangerous time. The digestive track has gone totally dormant, within 4 days of the Hunger Strike beginning. Restart is exhausting, and unless one very carefully consumes limited amounts of easily digested foods, at best, they will have a very unpleasant experience with their bowels, and at worst, could wind up in the hospital, or worse. Tho I've been on more 35-50 day hunger strikes than I can recall, I don't have re-entry down to a science. But knowing now what is called the BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast - has been a great help to me. Please be certain that people working with Chief Spence know this. 

Also, re-entry is a very challenging time as well. Hunger Strike for 20, 30, 40... days is a near-death experience, slow-motion seppuku. It is very important that people around Chief Spence try very hard to provide her many days of space, support, and protection for her work to psychologically return to the living, and to re-chart her course of service. 

With the above, sister, maybe I misunderstood your question.  Please
tell me further how I can help with your question.

Loving.  Sakihiwew

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