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Day 20-1 01.23.13 Deeply Tired, Recovering, Slowly... to Fight On, including my Cancer, in DC.

From a note to our Sacred Sister Diane, she, recovering from 46 days
on her most RECENT of MANY Hunger Strikes for us:

"Yes, I'm tired too, and haven't been fighting near as long
as you.  Slept 12 hours last night, and just got up from
a 3 hour nap. I'm tired, bone tired, physically, and mentally.

The right thing to do sister, I'm convinced, is to, yes,
give the avatar the rest it needs.  Let it recover, so
we can continue the fight.

My guess is that come early to mid next week I'll be back
in front of the Embassy, 22/7, until the Chemo begins.
I've been unintentionally pretty rough on the medical
folks in DC with my start, stop, zig, zags....  But if they
resume care for me, well, I'll try to make that happen,
I've begun already, via email; and if I can find someone
to do the chemo, radiation, whatever, I'll take it on,
aggressively, not from the comfort of friends here in DC,
or the 24 hour loving care at DC Christ House, that is willing;
but from the corner 'infirmary' of a massive DC Homeless
shelter, because I think DC is where I can best serve,
back in front of the Embassy; on the phone alongside
the rest of the Organizing for Action army...;
but the chemo, sadly, will take me down to just
6-10 hours per day at the Embassy, for the 6 month
duration, or so; and I'll lose 2 days a week or so. 

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