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EDF 01.09.13 D7 A FB Note to my Honored Sister Blueskywoman Cree - My hope lies in our Indigenous Family

EDF 01.09.13 D7  A FB Note to my Honored Sister Blueskywoman Cree - My hope lies in our Indigenous Family

"Sister, I never told you. Hey, I'm a criminally over-privileged white boy by birth, and then 40 years of choice, of which I'm horrified, but nothing I can do about it now. But by 18 years or so ago, living in my, then (now long gone in my past), half million dollar house in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb, I remember driving through a massive local upscale shopping mall, built not long before on stunning fields of grass and trees, and telling my companion, "You know, the most civilized this land called the US ever was, was the day before Columbus landed. It was as True, as clear as day to me, then, and now, and I've repeated this story often.

Now, westerners, "christians," since then have decimated not only the bodies, but the Spirit of almost all of my Indigenous brothers and sisters. But unless there are still embers of that Spirit, that level of Civilization still glowing, deep in the souls of some of our Indigenous, then humanity, and Creation now, are all doomed.

But in you, in Chief Spence, in Idle No More.... I see Hope, for the first time in the a decade or so since my Re-birth.

I wish I had known deeply our Indigenous Elders, Chiefs, Warriors. I think we share the same Wisdom, the same Truths, the same Spirit... the same Creator, but I wish I could be more sure. Your Brother, Loving ps: I hope they are Proud, Approving of me, now."

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