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***** EDF 01.09.13 D7 Wm. Thomas, died, age 62 - White House Peace Vigil. Jan. 2009. RIP. The only...

***** EDF 01.09.13 Wm. Thomas, died, January, age 62.  RIP. 2009.

Thomas, the world-class activist that backed me unconditionally.  [We agreed on almost nothing, LOL, in terms of policy, cept for what really mattered, like the Genocide of our Palestinian brothers and sisters by US, by backing our insane, criminal, right wing Zionist brothers and sisters.]  Yet, a few ever have, he saw in me a Spirit, "Loving, as long as I am alive you shall have a roof over the head of your work."  And for 3-5 years (I don't recall) he was true to his word.  Thomas realized that Spirit is Everything.  No one realizes that, but Thomas did.

Thomas was scathing, of near everything, and everybody.  In the activist world he saw "actors," hypocrites, but not the real thing.  Yet, among the greatest honors, the greatest validations I've ever received he told me, "You remind me of David Dellinger... and Phil Berrigan," his two greatest (deceased) heroes [aside from Jesus, and to a lesser degree Gandhi, and MLK Jr.], who he'd known personally and well;  Diane Wilson being his lone, living hero.

I figured I'd outlive his 62 years!  LOL

[BTW, Thomas founded, and was 100% of the Spirit of the 29 year White House Peace Vigil.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE else.  NO ONE.... Tho everyone has been criminally fooled into thinking it was Connie - his antithesis, his demise, largely.]

WHEN THE BIBLE IS RE-WRITTEN 1000 years hence, this chapter in Thomas life will be included:

Do him the Honor, and yourself the favor, of completely reading this multi, 
multi, multi link essay... that was one of the great leaps of Faith of our liftime,
and, he felt,  the crowning achievement of his.

Thomas rests with Creation, with the Creator.

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