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***** NYT 01.26.13: Withdraw Meaningful work, Drive Yourself, or others, Insane

My interest in this article, at this time, can easily be misunderstood
or misconstrued.   But maybe you will do neither.

NYT 01.26.13:  Withdraw Meaningful work, Drive Yourself, or others, Insane (some liberties taken with title)
Loving, here,

As I've noted for over a year now, in my assessment, the entire deadly sickness gripping near all cultures now, mostly US, almost done in dooming all creation, is the elimination of virtually all meaningful (necessary to the meaningful life of others) work, on Earth.  

This is our Religion, eliminating meaningful work (oh, please don't dismiss this notion easily.  Think!) under the names of 'convenience,' 'entertainment,' 'fun,' 'leisure,' 'ease....'  

Deadly.  DEATHLY.  ECOCIDAL.  INSANE, and the serious writing, theories, research... by Maslow, Csikszentmihaly, Alfred Adler, Viktor Frankl, Erik Erikson, Tolstoy, Jesus... is EXACTLY this. 

Meaningful work has been at the heart of Morality, and
Moral Teachings since well before Jesus, but "The Daily Bread" that Jesus CENTRALLY taught us to Pray for, is EXACTLY and ENTIRELY "Meaningful Work," and with
self-righteous, religious fervor we've been "replacing" it for
all sorts of "reasonable" reasons for 1000's of years, but with a now nearly terminal  vengeance, in my lifetime.   And until this my most recent decade I was an appostle of this false, Deadly religion of leisure, in the computing automation industry.  I didn't know; I couldn't pull it all together, but I have since.

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