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' 'Occupy,' you NEVER were the 99%. You never even tried. We, Org. For Action, Were and ARE.' Loving

Obama unveils 'Organizing for Action'

Politico - ‎22 hours ago‎
“We've got to keep working on growing the economy from the middle out, along with making meaningful progress on the issues we care about - immigration reform, climate change, balanced deficit reduction, reducing gun violence, and the implementation of ...

Obama uses Organizing for America database to drive second-term agenda

The Guardian - ‎16 hours ago‎
... comprehensive immigration reform, measures to combat climate change and negotiations over the fiscal cliff. In a video accompanying the launch, Michelle Obama said that Organizing for Action represented "the next phase of our movement for change.

Obama Launches 'Organizing for Action'

Our News Now! - ‎21 hours ago‎
Organizing for Action will be a permanent commitment to this mission.” “We've got to keep working on growing the economy from the middle out, along with making meaningful progress on the issues we care about - immigration reform, climate change, ...

Obama campaign chief launches action group - ‎19 hours ago‎
Jim Messina, in an email, said Organizing for Action is "the next phase of this movement," the Los Angeles Times reported.

Obama Parlays Campaign Machine Into Grassroots Group (VIDEO)

Progress Illinois - ‎17 hours ago‎
Instead, the heavily tech and social media dependent campaign will be turned into a grassroots non-profit called Organizing for Action with the aim of moving forward the issues and policies that united his supporters in the first place. "We have the ...

After the election, Obama for America is 'not done' yet

MSNBC - ‎18 hours ago‎
Organizing for Action is going to be a very effective tool to organize people all over the country for the president's agenda,” Cutter told Andrea Mitchell.

Obama to Turn Campaign Machinery to Promoting Policy

New York Times - ‎20 hours ago‎
Obama for America, the organization that mobilized the president's army of supporters during his two races for the White House, now has a new name: Organizing for Action. The aim of the group, which will be overseen by a ... He said Friday that the ...

Obama launches advocacy group to push agenda

Greenville News - ‎Jan 18, 2013‎
Organizing for Action "will fight for our shared values on issues like immigration reform, climate change, gun violence, balanced deficit reduction, and more," Carson said in an e-mail.

Obama campaign evolving into group to push his agenda

GlobalPost - ‎14 hours ago‎
The group will be known as Organizing for Action and be led by Jim Messina, who managed Obama's re-election campaign. The move signals that the Democratic president wants his formidable political ... "We'll continue to support the president in creating ...

McManus: Obama, Version 2.0

Los Angeles Times - ‎1 hour ago‎
That's why last week's announcement that Obama is turning his presidential campaign into a permanent network called Organizing for Action was important. The new group could give ... Following the advice of his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel - that a ...

New Nonprofit To Promote Obama Agenda

NPR - ‎19 hours ago‎
"Following in the footsteps of the campaign you built, Organizing for Action will be an unparalleled force in American politics," Obama said in an email to supporters Friday.

Obama Converts Campaign to Nonprofit Group to Push Agenda

Bloomberg - ‎Jan 18, 2013‎
The group, separate from the Democratic National Committee, will solicit donations from corporations and individuals to augment Obama's legislative initiatives on such issues as climate change, economic programs, reducing gun violence or overhauling ...

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