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'Tolstoy's re-birth, Gandhi, MLK Jr... may all have started in these 3 verses, in Tolstoy's 'Gospel' trans. See how Jesus' teaching unfolds.' Loving

'Tolstoy's re-birth, Gandhi, MLK Jr... may all have started in these 3 verses, in Tolstoy's 'Gospel' trans.  See how Jesus' teaching unfolds.'  Loving

From Tolstoy's translation of the Greek Gospels, "The Gospel in Brief:"

And from the Jordan he went into the wild places, and there he strove in the spirit (mt 4:1) . Jesus passed forty days and nights in the desert, without food or drink (mt 4:2) .

And the voice of his flesh said to him: "If you were Son of the Almighty God, you might of your own will make loaves out of stones; but you cannot do this, therefore you are not Son of God." (lk 4:3) But Jesus said to himself: "If I cannot make bread out of stones, this means that I am not Son of a God of the flesh, but Son of the God of the spirit. I am alive, not by bread, but by the spirit. And my spirit is able to disregard the flesh." (lk 4:4)

But hunger, nevertheless, tormented him; and the voice of the flesh again said to him: "If you live only by the spirit, and can disregard the flesh, then you can throw off the flesh, and your spirit will remain alive." And it seemed to him that he was standing on the roof of the temple, and the voice of the flesh said to him: "If you are Son of the God of the spirit, throw yourself off the temple (lk 4:9) . You will not be killed. But an unforeseen force will keep you, support you, and save you from all harm." (lk 4:10-11) But Jesus said to himself: "I can disregard the flesh, but may not throw it off, because I was born by the spirit into the flesh. This was the will of the Father of my spirit, and I cannot oppose Him." (lk 4:12)

Then the voice of the flesh said to him: "If you cannot oppose your Father by throwing yourself off the temple and discarding life, then you also cannot oppose your Father by hungering when you need to eat. You must not make light of the desires of the flesh; they were placed in you, and you must serve them." Then Jesus seemed to see all the kingdoms of the earth, and all mankind, just as they live and labor for the flesh, expecting gain therefrom (lk 4:5) . And the voice of the flesh said to him: "Well, you see, these work for me, and I give them all they wish for. If you will work for me you will have the same." (lk 4:6-7) But Jesus said to himself: "My Father is not flesh, but spirit. I live by Him; I always know that He is in me. Him alone I honor, and for Him alone I work, expecting reward from Him alone." (lk 4:8) 

Then the temptation ceased, and Jesus knew the power of the spirit (lk 4:13) . 

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