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'DC City Threatening to Throw Out All my Belongings' Loving

While I was at the library making final preparations for 6 months in chemo prison the DC City guys came by to throw out my belongings.  I'll guess the Canadian Embassy made a complaint.  I bear no grudges.  The City is within their Rights.  I Pray it doesn't come down to my stuff being thrown out with just several weeks before I enter prison, and have the stuff stored.  Hmmmm.

I'll stay on a much shorter leash than I have in recent weeks, as I've been preparing for prison, and fortunately that prep work is all but done.

We'll see.  If someone is out to get me, they will. I'll still leave for 20 min if I need the rest-room and late afternoon for 50 min for the homeless dinner truck.

If they are not out to 'get' me, it will be ok.  We'll see.

I have a 3 hour med cancer screening next week, and a three hour cancer consult the following week.  It will be interesting.  There probably isn't anyone to watch it for me.  :-(

NOTE: The reason I know of the city's visit?  A homeless guy, black, late 60ish, very staunch, very solitary, not 'friendly,' saw the city messing with the stuff and spoke up for me.  I've been here 8 months, and he maybe 15 years, I've heard.  In all but the last 3 weeks he has treated me like pariah.  But while respecting his space, I'm his brother, and when I know of a bad-weather report, I'll quickly pass word to him.  When I receive extra food, I'll offer it to him.  I literally don't look at him for a reply, because that is what I think he expects, someone offering something expecting something in return, even 'thanks.'  I NEVER look for anything in return.  My every breath is given as a brother.  The 'giving' is the Joy - it is the Gift, to Self.  But obviously it has engendered in him a higher level of humanity.  That is the entire reason we are here - to bring Loving into the world.  That is the work of Saving.

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