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***** vlog 02.23.13 Cancer Update: DANG! What Right do I have to More Treatment $$$$???? LOL' Loving

***** vlog 02.23.13 Cancer Update: DANG!  What Right do I have to More Treatment $$$$???? LOL' Loving

Hmmmm.  Looks like  $30,000-60,000 including chemo and surgery.  And then a 2nd round of chemo, etc?
I'm outa here!


Diane Wilson said...

Very interesting, Loving. Have not a clue. When you're head refuses to devulge an answer, go with gut instinct. what about your dreams? Any interesting dreams offering you guidance? That was good video!

Loving [Start] said...

Sister! This is soooooooooo duh! I can't imagine going for treatment! Duh! My entire quest, my entire Desire, is to find, and Walk the Path, the Truth, to BE the Truth - to Be the Change the World Needs to Be!!! That's my Life! That's all I care about! All I've striven for! All I've yearned for! All I DO YEARN FOR. THAT'S IT, for me. For which I've BEEN DYING, all my life, and especially these last 12 years or so!!! I don't mean that this is part, Part, PART, of what I Live for, Want, Yearn for. No, it's the whole thing!!!! I believe we each, Each, EACH... are BORN to be the Cure, the Truth, Health, the Antidote to all Earthly, unnecessary Pain, Suffering Error, Joylessness!!!! Since my earliest memories, I believed this, that it was possible, that it was why we were here! THEREIN LIES THE ONLY JOY - in the Attempt!!!! All else is rags, trash, sand, dreck... Pleasure. Yuck.

The Path is so clear for me! "To Steadfastly refuse to have what billions cannot have!" TO LIVE OTHERWISE, IS, IS, IS... TO BE THE PRIMARY, WORLDWIDE, WORK-KILLING MALIGNANCY!!! What Joy I have this morning! What Clarity! I've never been more Joyful, more Clear, more On the Path. What an immense Gift, of which I'm sooooo horribly undeserving. xxxylb

ps: Did you watch the Wonderful Life clip? Please do. I just remembered - my dad, the most Saintly, Loving person I've ever encountered personally. Know what he called me? Always??? "George," for reasons I never knew, and I suspect, he didn't either! ROFL!!! (George Baily, get it?)

pps: I've always adored this movie. I watch it every year, adore it more every time, and learn more, every time. It IS the Gospel, cept that it is about well, over-privilege. Even what we consider poverty in this sickest of all cultures, 4 billion of our brothers, sisters, CHILDREN... know, are riches they'll never see. Unless we "Become the Change the World Needs to Be;" one, by one, by one.... First d, then me, then....