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***** [updated] Cancer Update 03.25.13 'Racing to leave: "Loving for Joy: What might have Saved me from Wasting most of a Lifetime on Pleasure rather than Feasting on, Serving Up, Loving for Joy." ' Loving

The webcam is down, not operating, so I type.

My only symptoms thus far are bouts of diarrhea several times a week, but meds the Unity Health Care free clinic here in DC gave me are managing that real nicely.  Other than that, on the med front, a lifelong involuntary, while I sleep teeth grinding has elimintated many of my crowns, literally, exposing the nerves underneath, and eating is becoming quite painful.  I'll see next week if the med clinic can provide me enough relief that I can remain functional in whatever months I have left.

My Joy level remains 9.5 out of 10, each breath, because I dedicate myself each breath to trying to unleash a global epidemic of Universal Family that is the only way to avert Ecocide.  All indications I'm the equivalent of Heart Paddles in a graveyard, or a temporance counselor in a drug den.  I wish I were kidding, or exaggerating. 

My primary focus is in creating what might functionally serve as Loving University, on the web, and in the Universal Ether, in the event that at some future time, someone, with the yearnings latent in me, I can provide guidance, resources, encouragement, education, protection, nurturance, coming alongside Jesus in the effort as He Died to get us to do.

I'm joyfully racing Death, tho I can't see It; striving to leave as much Help as I can for after I pass on.

I think it might take the form of, or at least follow the goal of answering:

"Loving for Joy: What might have Saved me from Wasting most of a Lifetime on Pleasure rather than Feasting on, Serving Up, Loving for Joy."

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