I strongly suspect that there is only one true Revolution possible for the human species - past, present, future. And the only time it ever has been tried, to my knowledge, is for several decades during and after the life of Jesus. That Revolution? Lived, total, solidarity with the Global Neediest (human and non-human species). "The Golden Rule is to steadfastly refuse to have what millions cannot have," is how Gandhi said it. "Do unto others ALL that you would have them do unto you," is how Jesus Lived it, and how He or his followers, said it.


***** Inez Milholland: suffragist, labor lawyer, World War I correspondent, and public speaker who greatly influenced the women's movement in America

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inez_Milholland  <<< must read

On October 22, 1916, she collapsed in the middle of a speech in Los Angeles, and was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital. Despite repeated blood transfusions, she died on November 25, 1916, at 10:55

Her last public words were, 
"Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?"

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In a tribute to Milholland, Mount Discovery in the Adirondacks was renamed Mount Inez.