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***** (more) 'My greatest contribution? Greatest discovery? Finding, stating and Living that Loving IS, =, EQUALS IN TOTALITY - the Heaven, Salvation that Jesus saw, the Truth Gandhi pursued, The 'God' the 'Saints' tortured themselves for...Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else. Simply Loving...'

***** (more) 'My greatest contribution? Greatest discovery?


Recognizing, stating and Living that:

Loving IS, =, EQUALS IN TOTALITY -  the Heaven, Salvation that Jesus saw, the Truth Gandhi pursued, The 'God' the 'Saints' tortured themselves to unite with...Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else.  Simply Loving, that is, Living, each breath, with your Spirit of Loving in charge, to the Exclusion of all our other psychological capacities (as embodied in you Fleshly Spirit) EVER in charge.  NEVER, in the same way you NEVER thrust your hand into a hot flame,  and NEVER drink Drano, or never slush $1000 bills down the toilet, or eat sand when there is a nice plate of pasta you can eat,  instead.  Really. Exactly in this way;

That Loving IS its own reward, the Ultimate Reward.  Period.

That Loving in charge is the Only Sanity; all else being Insanity - deadly to one's self, and ultimately fatal to all humanity, EXACTLY as, and in the same way as is the cancer destroying my body - unmalicious selfishness - history's greatest killer, by far.  By far...;

That Loving is the ENTIRE Gospel.  FULL STOP.

That Loving is the universal, certain, complete, absolute cure for all psychological ills.

That all of the above is True because of the actual 'shape,' the actual DNA-given, epigenetic characteristics and tendency of our nervous system, and hence of the basic psychological 'world' we are pre-disposed to inhabit; though yes, this world can totally be crippled, mutated, mutilated into many other lesser things.  Look around you.

Many, many, many have come close in all of the above - (see Library [here and here, and tabs above for all the Giant's Shoulders I Stand on, and without which I've not have contributed my part]; but I know of no one that has seen, and spoken, and lived, this simple truth (ZERO CREDIT TO ME!!!] - that our psychological capacity for Loving as the Ultimate Reward, Joy, Heaven, the Kingdom, Nirvana (by whatever names, or no names at all), that it is our Ultimate and Only Hope, and that unleashing a mass epidemic of Universal Loving (Loving IS Universal, or it is NOT Loving) is the Only Hope now to avert Ecocide, the extinguishing of all decent life on earth, forever.'

ps:  Yes, no one has noticed, or been influenced by this, except me.  So it is of no consequence today, nor is likely to be in the future...
...pps:  Essentially, the same can be said of Jesus, and Gandhi said the same of himself - that he'd totally failed to impart his views, that almost reached what I've stated above, to well, pretty much anyway.  Rather than taking his teachings and examples to Heart, what had appeared to him, for a while, to be serious students, in fact, had taken his teachings as mere, temporary expedients, that in no way altered their essential way of being.  And this we've done to Buddha, MLK Jr, Jesus..., too.
...ppps:  I've had, and have, the most extreme Wealth of Joy, Peace of Heart, Passion, Loving of anyone you've ever known, objectively - due to my being 'religious' about Loving.  If you see, if you search your Heart for nothing else, about me, seek for the Truth of this.  That can make all else possible.

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