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I strongly suspect that there is only one true Revolution possible for the human species - past, present, future. And the only time it ever has been tried, to my knowledge, is for several decades during and after the life of Jesus. That Revolution? Lived, total, solidarity with the Global Neediest (human and non-human species). "The Golden Rule is to steadfastly refuse to have what millions cannot have," is how Gandhi said it. "Do unto others ALL that you would have them do unto you," is how Jesus Lived it, and how He or his followers, said it.


Final vlog [going Internet Dark today] When Understood - ULTIMATE Compass - Lord's Prayer

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Unknown said...

Kitchi meeg wetch for sharing this teaching of prayer to us Elder Loving. Even we haven't known each other that long- the spirit outweights that. My prayers are with you everyday and please know, that from my heart to yours-"Much love to you and that Yeshua Jesus continues to bless you in your sacrifice, don't think no one cares- even if we can't sacrifice as you do- this sister is feeling and hearing you...."