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D323, D18, D3 (Rollback): Deeply SACRED exchange with a Deeply Brave Brother, a JW, not heard from in years....

SACRED exchange with a Deeply Brave Brother, a JW, not heard from in years....  I'm Deeply Moved, Deeply touched by this man's note below - by the Courage of Him, Reaching Soooooo Far, from His Belief System, to mine, mine being one in which he sees some of his own, despite the JW gap.  I can only look in wonder and awe at Him, my brother J - 

"Hello Start [  :-)  Uh, J, it's 'Loving.']

I know that it has been a long time since we last spoke but I just wanted to say hello.  I am not even sure if you will be receiving emails anymore but I hope that this one reaches you.

Even though I haven't wrote, I have been following your blogs and it seems to me that this will be your last shot to try to get people to understand the situation that the human family is in.  The term "Death Fast" has such a "finality" sound to it.

I believe you know what my thoughts are on these fasts that you do, but once again I stand in awe at your perseverance.  For years you have done everything that you can think of, and more, to open people's eyes to the environmental catastrophe that we are heading toward.

The Apostle Paul also went way above the "call of duty" in his life's course.  Just prior to being put to death, he wrote "I have fought the fine fight.  I have run the course to the finish.  I have observed the faith."  He could confidently say that, and although he was not serving for a reward of some type, certainly Jehovah rewarded him nonetheless.

You also my friend, have fought a fine battle.  I personally know few, if any, who have put as much effort into what they believe as you do.  Although we might have differences of "beliefs", the principle is the same.  You do not serve for a reward, but I have no doubts that, come what may, Jehovah will reward your efforts nonetheless.

Here in Italy, most of our ministry has been among African refugees that were working in Libya when the war broke out a few years back.  The "fortunate" ones were literally put on a leaky boat at gun point with the clothes on their backs by the Gaddafi government and pushed out into the Mediterranean.  The unfortunate never made it that far.  Their stories would break your heart.  The way they were treated here by the Italian "corruption machine" was better, but still unacceptable.  

The "humanitarian" agencies here, made a pile of money, packed these men and woman away like sardines in dirty little apartments, and as soon as the UN money ran out, they were finally given documents and a small financial incentive to leave the country. Most of them have.

We are part of a small English congregation here (21 members including children) but we have about 40 coming to our meetings.  It appears that neither your work nor mine is finished yet.

If you have the time here is a link to just some of the disaster relief that JW's have been involved in during the past 12 months.

So, until we meet again, be assured that our thoughts and our love is with you.

J and M


My Reply:

"You've come to my mind from time to time J, and few do, my brothers and sisters
all, because in few do I find even a shadow left of the Creator.  In you I did, and with this
Courageous [a sure indicator of Creator's presence] note from you, that there is
of the Creator aLive in you is indisputable. You've touched my Heart, Stroked it
with Kindness, and Encouragement, and most of all, given me Hope that indeed
There is another, or two, Fighting for Agape, Universal, Unconditional
Family, the Only Possible Revolution, the one we've never tried since we continued the Hourly, Second by Second Crucifixion of Jesus and His Teachings since
1800 years ago.

You bring to mind my most treasured Revelation of the last several months.  I'm
sure of this, tho there maybe no one else that could see it.  Oh, how we've twisted
and perverted, mutilated, this most central of Jesus Gifts to us.  You and I both
know what we've been told He said.  NO, THIS is what He said, and I paraphrase:


J, it is not possible that I could have a Greater
Reward than the one I have, experience, Live...every
second, every breath, these last 13 years or so of total Devotion to the Path,
Service, from the Soul, in Solidarity with my Global Neediest Family.

Believe me, more Joy is not possible. Impossible.

Except, I'd trade it all for an infinite number of infinite life sentences
in a fictitious or Real, Hell on Earth, to Save our next 200 billion children from
the Hell on Earth we're NEEDLESSLY casting them into. 

J, M, rest in peace that Jehovah HAS Blest me, Infinitely, every breath for 13 years now.

And with different words and understandings, I have the sense and Joy that SheHeIt
is Blessing you two with some of the same, and I'm sooooooo boundlessly Happy about that.

With Boundless Love, and Wonder at you, Loving

ps:  Young Scott Montgomery (search my blog) is a Glorious Soul, giving his body
and blood for the neediest in Africa.  He told me recently of a young co-worker who was dying
because he was a JW and unable therefore to accept a transfusion.  Huh?  No, this is
anti-Christ, anti- the Spirit of Loving.  This is Not the Will of Jehovah. This is the Will of Man,
the creation of man."

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