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Tragically, because it is from me, an unknown, with tattoos on his face.  But none the less, there it is.   (BTW, tho I dislike tattoos aesthetically, I'm Eternally grateful for these in my role, my work.)

I pray that before I go I can update it with about 9 or characteristics I've had to add recently, for myself, because I use this personal trainer, every day - every day.  I couldn't have become, I couldn't become, what the world needs of me - to be a World Class INSHE (Insanely Human) Warrior.  This is the only tool in existance that can get one from beginner to advanced in weeks, months, instead of the decades it has taken me, Gandhi....

Here's the book, the Personal Trainer in its current form:
2: "Resurrecting Your Unviolent Warrior" (Personal Trainer)

Here, by title, are the characteristics listed, without the descriptions in the book.  *** denotes new.  * denotes updated.  No offense, this is not what I wrote for you.  I invented it for ME because what was needed wasn't available - the raw materials, examples, models... were available, but the distilled, accelerated Personal Trainer to turn idea into Being, Fast, wasn't available.  Now it is.

In case I get interrupted before I can update the book, here is the list of Characteristics of the great INSHE Warriors in history:

  • 000.  It is said, give me the right place to stand and I can move the world.  The right place to Stand is in the Depths of my Soul, in Solidarity with the Global Neeediest, Serving.  And from there I can possibly move the Soul of Humanity, and thereby the world - Gandhi's Soul Force.
  • PRIME DIRECTIVE. 001.  Every breath, I'm SQUARE in harm's way, shielding the innocents with my own body.  What the Heart does.  This is all 'Family' for me
  • 002. My theory - the best time to cure a deadly epidemic, mass disease, mass insanity, mass affloholism, is, uh, now, well before it is terminal
  • 003. I'm Being the change the world needs to be -  totally giving my life, everything, 'dying for it,' for the Infinite Wealth of Joy that it is
  • 004. 'I'm Living, fighting, worthy, because I'm dying to help our neediest Family, all of Creation, every breath devoted thereto,' MLK paraphrase with license
  • 005. I Stand only on Morally perfect Demands.  All else is too little, too late
  • 006. I fill the void - I Become the Facts-on-the-ground of Intolerable Horror, worth the ultimate price to change.  The words made Flesh
  • 007. I categorically reject the post '60's 'religious' notion that no one, and nothing, is worth my life.  All Creation, every human is, if I can save them
  • 008. I Live the Truth that personal Example is the only power great enough to save anything. Be the change, be the 'way,' or get out of the way.  80% OF ALL COMMUNICATION IS UNVERBAL
  • 009. I Deal in the Real Currency of Globally, Morally Important Action; Never, in Counterfeit Media Fluff.  This is life and death, paradigm shift, new world view, new status quo… not 'let me infotain you'
  • 010. I embrace that knowing, separated from doing, is the most murderous of addictions 
  • 011. Secret - I Hold myself to what the masses aspire to, morally, our better angels, wining them over.  Yes, the price is, well, everything.  The prize?  Priceless. Heaven
  •  * 012. I Avoid the No.1 Fatal Flaw - Hypocrisy (from the Greek - 'acting' the part, rather than 'being' the part) - the Root of all evil.  Root of Activist Impotence. Instead, I Serve Souls, from the Soul.
  • 013. I Beg nothing, Ask nothing. I Joyfully Pay the Price for what is Rightfully ours.  I reject 'Charity,' the instead-of Loving, the instead-of-Solidarity. I accept what I need, never what I greed
  • *  014. I live in the Real world of Possibility, Probability, where I must make Miracles, a global paradigm shift, and Awakening of the Soul, likely.  It's been done before, by the Potent Activists.  It's what's demanded of me, too
  • 015. Do you remember the war that didn't temporarily divide bio-families, groups, friends, lovers…?  Oh, never mind
  • * 016. I’m Antidote to AFFLOHOLISM.  It is mass addiction, mass insanity. I cut through it, for me, for all; awakening the Soul.
  • * 017. No. 1 Indicator: I'm Entirely Heart Force, SOUL Force - Invoking, Inspiring, Modeling the Same. Yes Gandhi, ALL hope is here.  All else will follow
  • 018. I run toward, I'm One with, the Emergency, Every Breath.  This is the source of Power, and Joy, and Life
  • 019. I'm an Antidote to our Profound Failure of Imagination
  • 020. I’m as Stubborn as the Truth – Very, very, very Stubborn. 'The' Truth, not 'my' truth. The truth is, NOTHING isn't a 'Family' Matter for me. NOTHING
  • 021. I'm an antidote to the cowardly, insane inaction of the Left, and therefore, an antidote to the Right's hatred of that. 'It is duty… to provoke a response.' Gandhi paraphrase
  • 022. I'm ever Mindful of Major Historical Models including - Iron Jawed Angels, Freedom Riders (both), Tipping Point; Gandhi, MLK Jr, Jesus, Teresa, Bonheoffer…
  • 023. I'm Entirely Subordinate to the End Goal, every nano-second; otherwise, no creative tension
  • 024.  I Speak with my Life, Rejecting  Language for being too weak, except to explain my Actions, my  Life. 'My Life is my Message,' and, 'be the change,' Gandhi said
  • 025. In mine, the real world, everything has consequences, personal responsibility, personal accountability.  What I do, and don't do, matters.  You can't escape that either
  • 026. I'm a 'Leader SERVANT' -  holding, spreading, maintaining, and channeling  Creative Tension, that INSHE's flock to, and others flee
  • * 027. I'm fiercely, Scrupulously selective of with whom I work, engage, accept kindnesses from….  Like a surgical team; or Special Forces Soldier. Less is betrayal of All.  As a battlefield combattant I must avoid endangering non-combattants, and me.
  • 028. The Living, Objective, Urgent, Moral Truth is the Cornerstone of my every action, breath, and hope.  Gandhi's 'Truth  Force.' The Cornerstone of Creative Tension'
  • 029. One word accounts for how we INSHE warriors are centrally different, we unviolent warriors, we potent activists.  That word is,  'Now'
  • 030. I am a 1 in a million chance, messenger, recruiter, tho no credit is due to me for this.  Just duty, obligation, and opportunity, Joy. I'm 'special forces, for 'special forces'
  • 031. If I need to row by myself, if I need to leave oars empty, I do so, until those equally or more committed are recruited
  • 032. I Tolerate, allow myself zero distractions from the Focus, from the Mission
  • 033. I allow myself Zero Self-Indulgence.  Ever.  No Rants, Lapses, Taunts….and I seek to shield all others from these
  • 034. THE PRIME DIRECTIVE: I keep my stated clients 'in the room.'  Every, waking nano-second. Fully armed, to blow me away if I fail to serve them.  This keeps me alive, and maybe some of them, too
  • 035. I 'Sacrifice,' (give ALL for), All, for the Mission, for the greedy Joy of it. Life is only found in the face of the emergency.  Creative Tension IS Living, Loving, Meaning, Joy
  • 036. What Clinical Sanity I have isn't to my credit, but mine to radiate, to share, Joyfully, Urgently
  • * 037. I'm focused on attracting, re-Awakening the Soul of...  1000 Unviolent SEALS, the 1 in a million INSHE Warriors - Alice Paul's 200, Diane Nash's 30
  • * 038. I Make of myself the Antidote, the Cure, the Key, the Solution, the Paradigm-shift Gateway for my fellows, re-igniting their Soul
  • * 039. No. 1 Indicator - I Understand of myself, embrace of myself that I'm an Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior, a Soldier of Loving; a profoundly different way of being. Healthy now
  • 040. I'm Willing to Die, I’m Unwilling to Compromise on the Core Goals, the Mission, the Way of Being.  Tactics, Strategy are always open to change, as needed by the goal.
  • 041. I can least abide, least Tolerate, least Accept above all - Cowardice (inadequate confrontation; recoil from consequences).  From myself  From anyone.
  • 042. I’m A Pioneer.  Living, embracing the unknown.  They waited till they had a perfect map and plan, did Lewis and Clark, right? Not. Me either
  • 043. No. 1 Indicator - I avoid the minutia, endless meetings, endless blogging, paralysis by analysis, verbal diarrhea, debating …like the Plague, like the  Murder they are
  • * 044. I'm in every way a Soldier, a 'Marine,' a 'Navy SEAL' of Unviolent Warfare.  Only those with similar yearnings should travel with me. The tip of the spear, shatters; paves the way for the rest
  • * 045. I'm Unafraid of death, or dying, except needless, and the needless suffering,  death,  lifelessness,  meaninglessness, Soullessness of others; what Jesus and those like him feared
  • * 046. I'm Free of, an Antidote to, a vortex away from the Diagnosis Cowardice, Heart-deadness, Imaginationlessness, Soul-deadness - Chief Characteristics of our age.  Zombie-ism. Drone-ism. The Matrix
  • * 047. I categorically reject the Soul-less, post 60's activism, a 'social club' with a thin veneer of 'acting' caring about those in need; in deadly, fanatical Denial of Personal Duty to Act, to Risk, to Pay the Price, to joyfully give ALL, ALL, ALL… for the Neediest
  • 048. I'm here, not to survive at the pleasure-trough, but to serve, for the joy of it; nor to be reckless or suicidal, or to seek martyrdom, ever. One of a tiny band, my life is especially pivotal
  •  * 049. No. 1 Indicator - I Exist in Total solidarity with, total loving of EVERY human,  ALL of Creation, every creature.  Loving's Unconditional, Universal, or it's not Loving
  • 050. No 1. - I  Allow myself ZERO Hostility to the Police, our brothers, our natural allies, who I shield, allowing Zero distraction from my real Opponents. But no free pass Either
  • 051. I'm a Tough as nails cheerleader, pathbreaker, encourager, Servant
  • 052. No. 1 Indicator: I use time like lives depend on every nanosecond, because they do. Every nanosecond
  • * 053. My Central Work:  I Connect folks with their Hearts, with their Consciences, with thei Souls…,  and then stay out of the way of the Divine magic
  • 054. Fear of Death, and Living, are incompatible. I Have Ceased Crippling our kids, and others, with such fear. Carelessness, Recklessness, Death-wish... - never
  • 055. Test Pilots Fly till they Die, or not.  Me too; for the Joy of it, for the Service of it, and the Hope of it
  • 056. I know my ego well, and I keep it under 24 hour, 7 day per week guard, under lock and key, never to be let out; I exclude egoists like the deadly cancer they are
  • * 057. No. 1 Indicator - The Mission is Everything for me, because Lives, Souls, are at Stake
  • * 058. I leave all 'support' issues to the Creator.  No roof?  No roof. No funds?  No funds.  No allies? No allies. My Life, or Death?….  That’s all the Creator's business, not mine
  • * 059. I'm ever fearful of screwing up my own immortal responsibility.  Our example is EVERYTHING, and lasts forever; Fighting for Good, or for Evil; Eternally. I must get it right
  • * 060. My Family is those waging their Being, their Life, their All, for our Global Neediest. Yours too. My job is to belong in, support, and expand that Family.
  • 061. I Scrupulously manage my own business. RELIGIOUSLY AVOIDING managing the business of others. Personal Responsibility's like Personal Breathing - Life Itself
  •  * 062. I Live to Trigger Within me, and to Trigger in Others the 'Family Emergency Response,' the 'Universal Family' Response,' Humanity's Only Hope.
  • 063. My Agenda is never hidden, never multiple.  It is always clear, open, singular; like the leading edge of a razor
  • * 064. According to the Status Quo (rt, ctr and LFT) - I'm Extreme,  weird, insane, unreasonable, dangerous, unapproving, counterproductive.... I'm good with all that; tho never affording myself the Deadly luxury of arogance, or heedlessness.
  • * 065. I find and blaze missions worth giving All, Everything,  'to die for,' for myself, for other activists, for the sake of our global neediest, and ourselves; For Joy, for Life, for Love.
  • *  066. I Voraciously Choose the Joy of Service over the Intoxications of Pleasure.  Always
  • * 067. Waging my entire being, I'm fully accountable to our global neediest, my Universal Family, to all of Creation
  • * 068. Zero tolerance for excuses. Zero,  from myself,  from anyone. I run to, not away from, Personal Responsibility, and strive to lead others to the same.
  • * 069. No. 1 Indicator: I'm of the Spirit, of the Heart and Soul, ALWAYS.  My Head, my Flesh are never in charge.
  • *? 070. With every breath I 'Respect' every person, every creature. Respect - another word for Loving.  And, as with the good MD, I behave according to each individual's Need, not 'want,' but NEED, of me. 
  • *  071. I'm the first accused of tilting at windmills.  I'm one of the few not, actually. Truly, I'm Slave to the Truth, not our mass delusions.
  • * 072. Daily I live in front of, NEVER status quo, but the One ultimate judge,  Creator - Good, Our Father, Conscience, Creation, Soul, whatever name, and his best unviolent warriors in history. Arrogance  by me is always unacceptable
  • * 073. Focus is everything for me, and from me, for my, our global neediest, born, and to be born.
  • 074. No. 1 Indicator: I live, I tolerate ZERO hypocrisy, ZERO double standards
  • 075. 'Don't die.'  Gandhi, Egyptians, Suffragists... weren't Fools.  Nor am I.  Are you?
  • * 076. Conscience, Heart (the Creator, the Divine), Needs of Our Global Neediest Family… are my Only Master, ever.  I listen to them for wisdom, and throughout all of Creation. Status Quo I NEVER bow to: r, ctr or LEFT
  • 077. I have Meticulous Attention to Detail; failure being the outcome of everything less
  • 078. No. 1 Indicator - I’m Deeply Spiritual.  I 'Pray' this Personal Trainer extensively, daily, and whenever needed.  I Rest, profoundly
  • 079. I Stand alone, forever, when necessary. It is: A.  NEVER My responsibility what others do, don't do, won't do...; B.  NEVER NOT mine what I do; any second, any breath
  • 080. I See, I know, no innocents. All of our Cowardice, blame, tokenism are Complicity
  • 081. I'm Profoundly strategic, because failure is certain with less. But too, I live, 'Ready, Fire, Aim,' ad infinitum
  • 082. I'm Responsible for my own behavior with every breath.  Never other's behavior, so I avoid Enabling, or doing their job
  • 083. I'm ONLY ever on the True battlefield of the Individual and collective nervous-systems; with the Heart, Heart's engagement - certain victory
  • 084. I'm Profoundly Trustworthy.  I won't work with those not, for their sake, and for that of my clients. (Whether I'm trusted or not, not my business)
  • 085. I avoid the trap that to stand for everything is to stand for nothing, to achieve nothing. Ever
  • 086. Zero Blaming, Ever; including blaming self, which is nothing other than abuse, avoidance, denial
  • 087. No. 1 Indicator - Every nano-second, EVERYONE is my Sister or Brother; every creature, part of me. Every Second. No matter what.
  • 088. I live the truth that my true Strategic Vision, my true Imagination, Living the Art of the Possible, is everything to our global neediest; NOT living to the status quo - r, ctr OR LEFT
  • 089. I select the best of the world to create myself with.  No trash allowed
  • * 090. My Heart is Always in Charge.  I stop Talking, stop Thinking, and Start Loving. Heart, Soul, in Charge.  Always
  • * '091. 'Full effort is Full Success,'  Gandhi said.  This too is my personal measure, the Toughest of measures. I must NEVER ask more of another, or of me… or less.
  •  * 092. I reject the 'religiously' held cowardice of the impotent, post-60's activism, where 'nonviolence' is used as a shield against personal risk, price, giving all - 'acting' like  ('hypocrisy,' from the Greek) activists vs BEING activists.
  • * 093. It is always for me to find and call others to the path away from the horror.  It is NEVER for me to exhort, to pressure an individual to it. Ever. Asking too much is destructive tension; asking too little is enabling
  • 094. The only Monument I want to me is folks greedily giving every breath for, dying for, the uplift of our global neediest, out of utter Solidarity with them
  • 095. Central to my work is setting the standard, establishing the pace - Gaia's time, Truth's time; Client's time, Never my time, press's time, status quo's time….
  • 096. I reject lip-service from myself, others, for the deadly delusion that it is
  • 097. Each day I fail, my client's suffer and die; no matter how good I felt attempting; no matter how hard I tried
  • 098. If I fight battles, but am not possessed by a campaign, I'm ranting, not helping. No vision of winning, no hope
  • 099.  I refuse to not be a True threat to the status quo of needless suffering and death. I reject their Compass, status quo (r, ctr, L), using Conscience instead
  • PRIME DIRECTIVE. 100.  No unviolent army, vanguard, no ‘Freedom Rider's 30’, no hope
  • 101. All I want is a clear view of the battlefield so I know how to best fight
  •  *102. I’m exactly like a fishing lure in a really unpromising stream, fishing for full Heart(s); a sobriety counselor in a bar; Heart Paddles in a Graveyard.
  • 103 - Entropy, evil, decay wins by default, every second that I am not, INSHE warriors are not, it's defeat.  Every second
  • 104. You're dying for something. We all are.  I'm giving everything for, dying for Humanity, Loving, Joy, Creation.  (And you're Spending your Life, Giving your Life for what? For whom?)
  • 105. I burn continuously, blue hot flame, or the saving Fire does not ignite the Hearts.  The Fire is all hope
  • 106. It is my duty to expose the danger, evil, sickness, cancer… of the status quo - r, Ctr, LFT; just as MLK and Gandhi demanded
  • * 107 'Greedily, I'm Deeply Humble. Greedy to see and remedy every shortfall of mine.  Whatever the personal price, I must 'be' the new status quo - Agape, Universal Family
  • 108. Destructive and Creative Tension, the only 2 ways for change.  I channel Creative Tension, near unbearable, with every breath, for All Creation, and Every Person
  • *** 109.  I keep my total focus on Empowering the Spirit of Loving, Universal Family the Soul, in every person(s) I can reach. I give Good, Loving (usu. Tough), for Evil, Neglect, Inhumanity... (or I give nothing, biding my time till I see an opening) - Jesus' Central Teaching; Primarily by Being Loving, but also Living for the Christ Soul so Crucified in others.
  • ***  110.  I Live, each hour, as though the world's poorest children were watching me, every  second.  Keeps me Clear-headed, Courageous, Focused, of Hope, Passion-filled, Powerful, Meaningful, Loving, Productive, Strategic…. Joyful.
  • ***  111.  I Seek Intrinsic Gratification, the Joy of Loving, the Riches of the Spirit, to the Exclusion of ALL Extrinsic Gratification, from Lusting, mere rags, trash, toxic waste... by comparison
  • ***  112. Each hour I mentally give, mentally dedicate, that hour, that meal, those resources, my self… to working for, Truly, Actually, our neediest children, born, and to be born.  It's Heaven. Saves me from wasting that hour.  Saves me from wasting my Life.
  • ***  113.  I relentlessly find the Compassion, Caring, Kindness to reject my Fleshly Spirit's craving to Enable, to indulge its craving for my own co-dependence, and instead stand in the Spirit of Loving, like the Prodigal Father, marking the Place of the Spirit of Loving, Life, Joy, Health; apart from non-combattants - for their well-being, and my own.
  • ***  114.  I seek all of my gratification, Joy, Life… from Doing Good, from Being Good, from Loving, the Intrinsic Gratification that Surpasses all Other - Heaven, on earth, free of dependance on external conditions, things, having, intoxications....  The only True Freedom.  The only True Heaven
  • ***  115.  Hour by hour, day by day I make the choice, in the affirmative, that 'yes,' the suffring of the Global Neediest, of all Creation, is Personal to me.  It's all Family to me.
  • ***  116.  Despite the certain - negative 'press,' I refuse to throw any of the few seconds I've got at unfertile opportunities to awaken Hearts.  Jesus was correct, "Do not throw your pearls (each breath) before swine (a stonewalled, in that instant, heart), r, ctr, or Left.  'Surprise Attacks,' now that's different.
  • ***  117. I defeat temptation by bringing to mind in that moment, the existential choice: 1. Do I want to spend the next moments embracing what's been called God (Loving, Serving from the Soul in Solidarity), or 2. Do I prefer what intoxications the temptation before me holds?

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