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(detail) 'Loving, what can we do,' a friend asked!?!?? 'What did those in history we admire in history do?' Loving

FB Friend to Loving:

Sometimes you can be so glum, like it's not going to be O.K.. What exactly do you want from each of us? I would do my best, if I but knew, yet I have been to busy to get to your books. I payed $100 each for 3 1000 page books I haven't gotten to yet. I know, excuses, excuses.

Loving's reply:

1. Glum? No. Do not believe there is only one way to experience horrible prospects. This is the ENTIRE Gospel. What is Folly to the Flesh is Heaven to the Heart, to the Soul. There is no Gospel besides this. 

2. What do I want you to do? A. Decide if the next 204 billion kids, the next 1000 generations are being tortured, as much or more than by a nuclear holocaust, but by burning of fossil fuels. Hint, 98% of the 3500 degreed climate scientists say 'yes.' B. Decide if those kids are your Immediate Family. C. Act accordingly. That's all I do. That's all I want others to do.  


I need the successful life abridged version. Gosh, I'm 52, but I am all about ecology, after my 60 hours a week, driving the taxi & polluting those 60 hours (God forgive us). But petitions, calls, what can we do?


The question is, 'what have those that we admire in history do,' no? What did Jesus do when after 3 years the disciples remained dumb as posts; or the young in Egypt when Mubarak wouldn't go; or the Oscar Romero when the rich in his country said 'shut up, or we kill you;' or my dad's generation when they heard Hitler saying, 'if you put on a uniform it will ruin your futures, and probably get you killed...?' The question for you to look to history to answer is, 'what have the people that I admire done when faced with similar choices?' 

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