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Cancer update: much better news. Back in the running, it would seem.

It seems that the fundamental problem yesterday was communication.

My new Oncologist is new.  She looks to me to be 30 or 35, she is picking up my case from the newly departed head of the department, and I'd say that the combination of relative inexperience, turmoil with the director departed, and that native language barrier, she's from China, she did a less than adequate job of transitioning me from my prior Dr. to her.

I never doubted that she was kind or competent.  And I thought she was clear that she was very pessimistic about my prospects.

But in an e-mail reply today she tells me that I am mistaken, that the same treatment plan from my prior oncologist continues to be the current plan, And that the prognosis has not changed.  I have every reason to take her at her word, and I do.

The variation, at least as told to me, is that based on the scan to take place September 9 or 10 it may be recommended that I receive several more chemo treatments in the attempt to further shrink the tumors prior to surgery.

But she states, and I accept, that the plan And prognosis  is still cure through liver resectioning operation.


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