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***** Classmate replies to yesterday's Dialog with others


Reply, Today -

Classmate C:
"There was a time, Loving, when many of us lived out of the matrix. When joy meant more than pleasure. You know that as well as I do. Many of us need to get back to that because somewhere, somehow it got lost in responsibilities of a more "personal"nature, and, it isn't easy to walk away from all that when "all that" has been the focus for so many years, and pleasure...or an "adventurous weekend" is an escape. I am sure some of our classmates think you an absolute nut. But there are others who think you profound because you have made us think! And, I include myself in the latter group because you have really made me think today. Isn't that what this is all about? And, my friend, isn't that how it starts? Slowly, perhaps, but it starts."

Your kind words bring a welling of emotion in me. Yes, if it is going to start, it starts as you say. I'll also say, you've grasped my message, my understanding, faster than anyone ever does. (((HUGS)))

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p said...

I agree. Millions of blind souls not seeing that the condition we have been handed down is not correct. Obviously throughout history mankind has been self destructive in far too many ways...and keeps on doing it.
Example: YOU on your adventurous getaway---See an emaciated homeless woman lying on the sidewalk begging for food. Sick and unable to help herself. YOU walk by excusing your hatred by thinking "oh she did it to herself" yet that nagging feeling sticks with you until you beat it down with a lot of excuse making effort. The way the aware and caring world should exist.(and yes the ideal but why not aim for it???!!)is to never let another reach that point- or stop and help whenever a person sees it. You love God? Love is not a word. It is what you do. NO, everyone is not cut out to walk in the path of Jesus..Too much conditioning for many, too many spiritual zombies....but what a world it could have been....no blame... yet it needs to be fixed. "What a piece of work is Man, how noble in Reason,"...from what I am seeing..Mankind has failed miserably and we have a society and Earth planet in trouble that proves it.