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pic. Friend: 'Loving, do you really think it matters which party wins 2014...?' detail

Fair question - dems taking the house, T Party death grip being released

This is the party that today has elevated Opinion to the level of PHD
scholar, authoritative history, science.  No.  That is the height of
hypocrisy. They would NOT do it if a loved one were immediately
involved - their OPINION to fly a 747, operate on their daughter's
brain, design their cell phone....  Grotesque, self-indulgent, deadly
insanity.  And if they WOULD do this to their loved one, those
around them in this country would stop them. INSANE, criminally.

T Party/GOP today is a deadly barrier - tool of the 400 families that have
as much wealth as the bottom 150 million of us - Fascism, by
definition.  They must be gotten out of any control- states too.

The Dems, today, are more than willing (cept the red states) to allow
what is needed - EXCEPT - yes, corp money and uber-rich money
will be a massive obstacle. 

But with dem, dem, dem - we citizens have a chance.  Otherwise,
we're just out of time.

Eisenhower could not win a primary today, nor Reagan.  CRIMINAL

Is there really a difference tween the parties?  I think we have ample
answer today - where would we be in healthcare, equal pay for women,
gay rights, Iran, Syria, Auto Industry, National Debt, Deficit, Economy.... 
Regardless of one's preference, yes, there is a huge difference.

60% of Americans or more, near 50% of Republicans WANT:

* Immigration reform
* Iran peace agreement

100% blocked by 40 grievously gerrymandered T Party house districts.  ANTI-DEMOCRACY.


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