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Free Palestine White House Vigil


Anonymous said...

Hello my great friend,

This is Khadija, the Georgetown student who would come see you outside the White House on saturdays. I am sorry that I have not seen you in the past weeks. Hopefully I will see you next Saturday at your white house vigil. Take care, and I hope all is well.

With Peace!

Loving (pka "James McGinley") said...

Hello my great friend. What a privilege to hear from you. I hope you see this. btw start_loving at yahoo is my email. It is the most beautiful name I'd ever heard. Weeks later I started reading about the life of Muhammad... and that is when I understood the significance of your name. What fun that was. I've been too weak to vigil since my last cancer operation 6 weeks ago. I can't tell if it is all medical from the operation, or not from the operation at all, but just deepening depression and sadness at all the hatred and man-made suffering I see and feel in the world. Also, it has been so cold I'm thinking that very few people would really take the moment to stop and think at the vigil, so I've devoted what energy I have to study, and posting online. :-( I'll not resume the WH vigil until it is warmer. I'm praying that maybe Tues or so I'll be strong enough in body and Spirit to resume the vigil on capital hill. I'd like to maintain that until Satanyahu comes to town. We'll see. It is in the Creator's hands. What Joy to hear from you. I'll always remember the beauty of your Soul. Your brother