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SPDF Day 52-7: Released from ER and Hospital this afternoon.... more

SPDF Day 52-7:  Released from ER and Hospital this afternoon.

Admitted to ER at Howard University (I survived) 7am after sitting on the toilet floor since midnight pouring sweat, shaking in stomach pain.  Finally called the ambulance.

Diagnosis, twisted, obstructed, small intestine.  The only comment on me going to the ER was, 'WHY DID YOU WAIT FOR 6 HOURS TO CALL US???? DON'T DO THAT AGAIN.'  I won't.

Cause?  The senior surgeon who admitted me and attended me each day, surrounded by his gaggle of interns, at mid day today, when I asked, 'What did I do to bring this on?,' thinking it was what I ate, how I ate, the 52 day fast... he said, 'No, it was nothing you did, and you have no restrictions now.  It is all the cancer surgery in your abdomen.  It unavoidably causes scarring, and this often, frequently, usually(?) sets up the condition for such small intestine obstructions as I had.

My SAINT of a primary care doc, devoted to we homeless, saw me when I returned from the hospital, and has called my cancer team to find out if they want the surgeon that did the liver section to see what is going on?  And, she wants me to get the colonoscopy they've been trying to get me to schedule, which I will.

For now, tho I've been given no restrictions, I'm trying to avoid eating any C.R.A.P. (Carbonated, Refined Shugars, Artificial sweeteners or colorings, Processed) (the Farmers Market is open with subsidies for we economically poor), chew vvveeerrrryyyy carefully, watch portion size, hydrate.

I'm taking some gut-beast-feeding farmers market sauerkraut each day, and Greek Yogurt for the gut as well (sorry sister cows) :-(  . 

Tho the extreme pain has subsided, the nature of the pain and feeling of vulnerability has not.  Feels pretty wounded, and vulnerable.  I'll see what happens.  They emphasized I need to be ready at short notice to back to the hospital.

I needed to be on Captal $$$ Hill with the Free Palestine Vigil this week... that didn't happen.  Whether I can get to the White House Sat and Sun... I pray so... will have to see what my body says.  Pretty messed up.  Of course, I'll make every second count for Palestine, on line, that I can, regardless.

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