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SPDF Day 52-1: To my sisters and brothers who watch and or interact with me - I am very harsh.... "What is to give light must endure burning" (Eleanor Roosevelt).... more

To my sisters and brothers who watch and or interact with me - I am very harsh, because I choose to live the harshness, the Apocolyptic Harshness of the 2015 and beyond world that I see.  I know that is experienced by you as hurtful, 'insulting,' 'judgemental,' thoughtless, unkind, supremicist... by you at times.  I understand that.  1.  I always strive to avoid trying to hold on to you... to hold you close to the fire with me, unless that is YOUR desire; 2. I NEVER intend to hurt you; 3. I judge that as your brother I OWE YOU to burn with the fire of the impending Horror of the multiple Armageddons unfolding now to give you the option of seeing it, experiencing it, as clearly as I  do that YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to benefit from that view such that you can learn and adjust as you see fit, or detach from me partially or fully if you judge that is best for you, in which case you must know it will not diminish my Loving of you or Respect of you one iota.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not going to detach partially or fully...and I know you do not intend to hurt. You are your own person and feel so deeply. I do not intend to hurt you...not now or ever going forward.