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***** For immediate sale or donation: current manufacture 7 inch Google Nexus tablet, 16 gb, Like new. Case. Scrn protectors, Must sell. Best offer.... click for details...

***** For immediate sale or donation: current manufacture 7 inch Google Nexus tablet. Like new. Must sell. Best offer. Contact immediately. I have had this tablet for about a year. I got it because it has a much longer battery life than my laptop so when on duty, As I am this moment north side of the White House, all day long, I could be productive online all day long. I can no longer afford the wifi that this very powerful tablet requires. It has very high resolution so it gobbles up gigabytes almost as fast as does my laptop. The unlimited gigabytes that I have had from Sprint, Clear, is being discontinued, so this is no longer affordable. This is not a problem with the tablet but rather with my extreme usage requirements, using this to fight for humanity online from the time I awake until the moment I go to sleep. I provide a link below to this unit. It is a spectacular device. I hope you will think of anyone you know that might want such a device from a trustworthy individual, me, and have them message me or email me at start Loving at My work desperately needs the funds, but like everything in my life the only reason I need the funds is to contribute to humanity. So if you know of some extremely worthy cause where I could donate this at zero or reduced compensation to me financially, please do not hesitate to let me know that as well. Thank you.

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