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***** Justice is love expressing itself. Dominic Crossan paraphrase. 15 years ago or so a....

Justice is love expressing itself. Dominic Crossan paraphrase.  15 years ago or so a Methodist pastor, an African American woman in an upper class white church that I attended, told me at a conference one time, James, you love justice more than anyone I've ever seen. I replied strongly, and respectfully, that I strongly disagreed. I said, it is not justice that I love, but people. 12 years later now I realize that we were both correct. I learned in a Dominic Crossan book on the man Jesus, the historical Jesus, that I read about a year ago. In the book, one of his later ones, possibly on the Lord's Prayer, he said something like justice is love expressing itself. I think that's exactly right. Brilliant. Monumentally important understanding.

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