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***** On FB: "James, what (to Stop Palestines Death) do you recommend?" My Reply: "Based on a simple, honest look at the history of change... ...."

Based on a simple, honest look at the history of change... key posts at the top right of this site (right hand column) are The path I see, and at the least, commensurate with the magnitude of personal price thousands us us would have to pay, or offer to pay, to stop this. Equivalent to the rice 10's of thousands in Tahrir Square offered; 1000's on a bridge in Selma offered; hundreds offered at the Dharasana Salt Works in India offered and payed.... Nothing is free. Everything has a price. EVERYTHING. Stopping the world's 4th nost powerful military backed by the world's MOST powerful military will take a huge price to stop. Anyone that takes the time to read carefully the posts I just mentioned, and THEN wishes to discuss, I'm available.

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