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SPDF: MED UPDT, 050815 9pm. For the moment, out of the hospital.......

They finally released me about 5 p_m. The doctors are not hopeful that we have seen the last of this. Although they now think that these situations were exacerbated  by my 52 day hunger strike, they do not consider that a major factor. With the abdominal surgery I've had, the liver section, the colectomy, the appendectomy, the hernia operation.... There is a lot of scar tissue inside. And each episode, of obstruction, and I've had 6 or 7 in the last 4 months, increases the odds of the next 1 occurring. Could occur tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month.....

Feeling quite symptom free so far tonight. My spirits are very good. I think I am adjusting to a different, new normal for my health. Time to get back to work.

I hope and expect to hit the white house early early tomorrow morning and Sunday morning, staying until late evening. On capitol hill Monday through Thursday early until late I hope. Working to ease the life of it least 1 person in Palestine if I can.

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