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SPDIF day 52 - 8: awaiting words from the surgeons .....

SPDIF day 52 - 8: awaiting words from the surgeons in the emergency room. the cat scan shows a full bowel obstruction. after 13 hours of extreme pain they have inserted an NG tube to drain my stomach. 'That is the fastest I have ever seen a stomach empty,' the emergency room nurse said. This large container is what came out in the first 90 seconds. 20 percent more has come out so far.
I am in the Washington Hospital Center, run by the same MedStar that runs Georgetown that has done most of my surgery. The surgeon here recommends, & I concur, that if they have a bed it makes sense to transfer me to Georgetown so that the surgeon that did my original work can do this work as well. Otherwise if they do surgery it will happen here. 

It seems that they will watch to see if the bowel obstruction, a kink, resolves itself. There is a preference to avoid surgery because more surgery creates more opportunity for scar tissue to create this problem again. But they share my view that this is the fifth occurrence in the last 7 days, and I had several episodes before the hunger strike but not as acute as these more recent episodes.
The thought of having this the sword of Damocles hanging over my life is pretty unpleasant. So I lean toward surgery, but I will rely on the advice, any strong advice, of the surgeons.
My Dr, a very competent young man shares my suspicion that 52 days without food created the conditions for my pre existing scar tissue from earlier operations to expand. I have no regrets. None. I was preferring to be able to pay the full price of my life to save even one Palestinian. To my horror I discovered that no one cares. Yes, no one cares. The price of this incident now, the last 13 hours of pain, and many such incidents in the future, I have no regrets. I am aware of no personal price I would not pay to save even one Palestinian....
  10 p.m. update: will be transferred tonight to Georgetown University Hospital, the site of most of my cancer surgery. No final word on whether a will watch me or perform surgery.

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