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***** My greatest lifelong failing maybe doing good, investing in good. 63 years of experience......n

***** My greatest lifelong failing maybe doing good, investing in good. 63 years of experience now tells me this was exactly the wrong thing for me to do, for anyone to do, for any of us to have done or to do now. It is absolutely too little, too late. Somehow, good is different than lived solidarity with the global neediest in creation. Someday maybe I will understand why this is so but it is unmistakable to my eyes that it is so. This notion has been with me for a number of weeks now and with this clarity I quite easily discern the difference and can act accordingly. My number one goal is to invest my life and any resources that I have in those living such solidarity with global neediest. I see almost none. I see none with sufficient clarity to do so. Why? I have only had these new eyes for weeks now. But for years I have been looking in the correct direction and even with these new eyes there is no one that I can see doing it, living in full solidarity, every breath. Well, of course I may see some but I can't recognize it with the little information that I have. Nevertheless, this is the work and this is the work that I am quite sure I will try and do. I do see that, no credit to me, my life,  my DNA, has brought me to the point where all I want to do, and all that I do do, is live in such solidarity so I am at peace with investing what little resources I have in my low resource requirements work and saving any additional resources for such time as I see the opportunity I most want, the ability to invest in those living in such solidarity.

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