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One who has been dear to me: 'How are you? Where are you???' My reply...

You are sooo funny. *=)) rolling on the floor

 I've jumped in wayyyyyyyy over my head. Every cent is pretty much gone, even food money, into the elf, see pic... click... enlarge. By mid next week I'll have a trailer with a second solar panel and I'll be headed to the MD shore... where DC goes for August. I'll sleep god knows where, in fields, allies, jails? I'll eat god knows what... all the $ are now in the elf.

It is my hail mary pass for creation, Palestine, we poor.... HUMANITY.... to wake the f*ck up and stop putting bullets in the heads of our kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids... which is EXACTLY WHAT WE DO EVERY TIME EVERY TIME EVERY TIME.... WE BURN OIL, COAL, NATURAL GAS. IT IS MURDER. AND THERE IS NO NO NO NO NO NO NO... EXCUSE.

 My every second, skill, and attention is in trying to finalize the implementation, hence lack of update for days now. Probably by Sunday I'll have uploaded a much longer post I've been working on.

If some Angels don't stand up for this campaign... well, the elf will have all the sun, and my body fat, it needs, but I'll run out of body fat pretty soon. Well, not much of that. I'm 155. Haven't been that since mid 20's. I don't care what happens to me. This is a great campaign. I'm so blessed to have it. What will be will be.

Was on capital hill with it this week. First time I've sensed that the snakes were deeply and profoundly disturbed by my actions, like, 'Oh f***. How are we going to keep lying that we don't have the technology to harness that infinite fusion reactor in the sky... with the technology all but stuffed up our asses inches from where we slither???

Yes, I'll fail, but I'll not fail to try.

Watch the blog for a much bigger update hopefully soon.

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