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***** pic. ELF.usion: A new, powerful weapon against fossil fuels... for a Future for all Creation, a Free Palestine, Global Solidarity.....

ELF.usion I call it for reason's you'll understand if you enlarge the pic at the right.
ELF for short.
Billed with some honesty as the world's most efficient vehicle:
* Run off the stored energy from the free, infinite capacity, nuclear Fusion reactor in the sky that we call the sun which is generated when the 100 watt solar panel on the roof receives that sun. 

*  Run off my body fat, me a 3 year cancer survivor, who needs exercise, and craves consuming as little of Creation's resources as I can.

*  Pedal at any instant, use the electricity at any instant, in exactly the proportions you wish... either, or or both.

It is a joy to use. In DC I can go faster than any car... traffic and lights.

The motor is deliberately speed restricted to under 20 mph so in all 50 states it is legally a 'bike'... no license, registration, etc, etc....

But I got it entirely to promote the causes you see on the graphic, in and around DC, and maybe soon, up and down the mid-Atlantic coast, and soon, maybe all 50 states.
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Organic Transit web site (mfgr of the Elf, Durham NC):

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