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One microscopic step for humankind, one giant step in my personal attempts to serve humanity.

A few of you know that for months now I have been contemplating a radical escalation in my attempts to serve, a radical escalation in my personal commitment, a substantial escalation in personal risk my person and physical wellbeing.

Well, in the last month or so I have been working diligently to see if I could stabilize my body, and strengthen it enough, to move out of the shelter, far to traditional and comfortable a refuge, back into the streets where by every argument I would be consuming much less resources.  And if I could determine that my body was strong enough then I needed to see if I could make arrangements that would provide me a modicum of material support, particularly the availability of my computer gear, and my advocacy gear, my posters, what I sit on, etc.

And then finally could I secure the financing, the Financial Resources, the donations required for what I had in mind.

What I had in mind is a self en closed, solar powered vehicle called the Elf from Organic Transit, a small company out of Durham North Carolina.  A company that I visited a week ago yesterday traveling on Megabus, where I spent maybe 5 hours asking questions and pondering all the ramifications very deeply.

Yesterday, was the culmination.

A complete stranger emerged with 1/3 funds required, and the longest, lifelong supporter of my work for humanity (the only one) came forth with the other 2/3.  No one else to did.  But it was exactly Just enough.

So yesterday the seller of this Elf solar bike and I reached a verbal agreement, and roughly next Thursday or Friday by travel 30 miles from DC, to pick up the Elf, and drive it back to DC, a rather long virgin voyage for me, but this is not the time for timidity.

There are four aspects to my advocacy here in DC: full human rights for all Palestinians including the millions of refugees who have been brutally and mercilessly driven from their land against all law against all morality; the end of greenhouse gases from our burning of fossil fuels through the promotion of renewable energy; decency, respect and huma ity for the poorest among us including the poorest among us here in United States including the homeless; and a new way of being which is vastly less resource consumptive and vastly more contributory of our resources and varied being to the well being of humanity, and all creation.  What I will be attempting to my satisfaction is the fulfillment of my best possible attempt to serve all four of those objectives more powerfully, much more powerfully, then I have been able to serve as far.

Within a month, much sooner if I am able, the Elf will include graphics promoting full human rights for Palestine, renewable energy, and LIVE FULL SOLIDARITY... START LOVING.  The fact of my life, living on the streets at a projected cost of 100 to several $100 per month, will be the exemplification and promotion of an infinitely more joyful alternative to the life that I have lived even up until now, a life of ungodly resource squandering on my person and the few people associated with the closely.  Sinful.  Unsustainable.  Suicidal for the species and for all creation.

Yes, I'll now be at substantial physical risk sleeping on the streets.  This is unchartered territory.  I will be easy prey including for rogue police who want to head off such a radical and potentially threatening form of homelessness.  I'll be easy pickings for the Zionists who would love to see me tortured and go away.

My only concern with such issues is that I not throw away my body and therefore my ability to do my work so I think in detail of how to secure the Elf, though rarely if ever will it be out of my site, how to make it slightly less attractive to bash my head in as I'm sleeping, or to vandalize the Elf.

The biggest point of sadness is that it is too wide to fit between the security pylons that ring the White House where I'm sitting at this moment.  Sometimes I will park it about two blocks away, and I've already discussed this with the secret service who are quite intrigued with the idea what I'm doing I think.  I'll park it in a high visibility area where someone wanting to vandalize or steal would think twice, and I'll walk here with just the gear that I have with me now.  Other times when I would have come to the White House on weekends I will park and sit with my posters in the Elf at the very top of the park on K street where there is a significant drive by and were many of the tourists enter the park.  It might be that the Elf and the signage on the Elf will be a significant draw.  I'm concerned this might not be the case but it's worth a try.  And if almost all the time that I've been coming to the White House I now go down on the mall, most likely down by the Washington monument, and or near the (1st) Holocaust museum, I think that what I lose by being here in the park is gained by the much heightened statement that the Elf and it's signage and will make.

And when Congress is in session I expect that for the foreseeable future that will remain my top priority, being on Independence Avenue outside of their office buildings were they slither to and fro to the capital to do their token voting, their bidding for their corporate financial masters.  And again my advocacy will be amped up in all respects by the presence of the Elf parked by where I will be sitting with my signs.

It is a miracle that that stranger emerged out of nowhere to cover a third of this project.  It is a miracle that my sole, lifelong supporter stepped forward and had the resources at their disposal;  truly, for anyone that knows the situation, a totally unexpected Marichal.  But it happened.

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