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***** Day 15....'but by giving at such an relative extreme, I am paying the price that among other things is Apparently sufficient to stir the souls of some of my fellow creatures.......' ( note to a major supporter of my efforts to serve Creation).....

Your action, that financial deposit, is Gigantic wind under the wings of my Attempts to serve Creation.  

Last night I slept in a closed down shell gas station parking lot, In what I think was a sufficiently shaded area from the street lamps. Lol. I'll never know to what degree I am good at selecting spots that are fairly invisible and to what degree people are merciful and simply let me try and catch a little sleep. Mostly the former I think but somewhat the latter. 

I know that in some cases it is simply kindness and even support, And even solidarity. For example, I am virtually certain from the kind, knowing, smiles from the young, tall, blonde haired male store manager at a local Royal Farms, just across the causeway inland on route 50, from Ocean City, that he knowingly, and happily, allowed me to sleep in their parking lot several days ago, Choosing to neither call the police nor to ask me to leave, nor even to disturb my fitful sleep. 

I think it is true that by every objective measure I am giving virtually every breath, every effort, every resource, Every fiber of my being... To try and better the outlook for Creation. I am to be envied if this is true. I am to be envied in any case for the quality of life I experience every breath as a result of making the attempt. 

But I am also noting that by living at that extreme, although given the war of mass destruction being waged on all of Creation now by  our criminal apathy, Cowardice, selfishness, should be the norm, but by giving at such an relative extreme, I am paying the price that among other things is Apparently sufficient to stir the souls of some of my fellow creatures. This is gratifying for me. It is not enough. But it is gratifying.  And it is an afirming of the path that Creator, Creation, has me walking.  and it a firms the obvious... We only get what we pay for. We only get change when we or others or both pay for it. 
This is what liberals strive with every breath to deny. This is why they are the major instruments of the extermination of all creation.

I highly recommend it. No, not the exact Form and manifestation, but the absolute paying the price of one's life for a better outlook for Creation.

I highly recommend it.  I will Joyfully give my last breath in my Pitiful attempt to lead others to the same personal salvation, the only possible collective salvation, The only possible personal salvation from a life other than one that is experienced as Heaven.

Due to your kind, ready, willing, selfless support of these efforts... As early as today and as late as early next week I will begin the 40 to 50 hour journey (By choice, I will peddle the entire distance doing about 25 percent of the work and letting that great fusion reactor in the sky do 75 percent of the work. My pitiful little part increases my speed and distance by maybe 10, 15, or 20%, gives me exercise, and gives me the gratification of giving all that I have to give) to Durham North Carolina for the preparation of this vehicle for the arduous, Continent wide, journey that has already begun.

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CGMcG said...

Am gratified that you will be on your way on your mission albeit with a stop in NC to get the ELF retrofitted correctly. Am thinking of you with concern for your health and welfare and hoping and praying that you fare well on your journey. xxoo