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***** Day 13, general update

Day 13, general update. I remain in Ocean City Maryland, marooned by a broken axle on the rear wheel of the elf. Thankfully, the elf has remained functional but it would be unwise for me to travel from here, where I have cultivated a relationship with a very nice and able bicycle mechanic, until I secure a replacement part from the manufacturer. I suspect that in no time in my last 8 years of human rights activism have I had a more productive 10 days or so. The campaign I am waging is deeply touching people every day. Ocean City is not a small area and yet every day someone will come up to me and say, oh, I am so glad to see you, I saw your vehicle several days ago, & I so much wanted to find out what this is all about. Or something to that effect. Spiritually, and intellectually, these have been easily the most productive days that I have had in many many years. I think part of it is this community in Ocean City. Nice, simple, honest, hardworking people. I expect before long to be in more of a Bible Belt situation and the hostility that I may receive both on climate change and on Palestine could literally be life threatening. A risk that I do not hesitate to take. It continues that I have no money for food, no money for lodging, so that I can husband what resources I have and/or that I receive for further investments in the elf which I am using as an extremely long distance vehicle, unlike anyone else on at the moment. Anyone whose spirit resonates with this campaign and wishes to see it go forward and would like to make a donation, now, literally today, would be a good time to let me know. I need to make a monumental decision today, Wednesday. -- Sent from Fast notepad

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