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Day 15. I think I am having the most hilarious, news. As you know the axle in this vehicle was broken....

I think I am having the most hilarious, news. As you know the axle in this vehicle was broken. The reason I knew was because it sounded like a cement mixer with boulders in it when I rode. But what I seem to be discovering now that it is replaced with the new part, another symptom, which I did not know, it seems that it was robbing 20 to 30 percent of my speed. This is a highly efficient vehicle but weighs 160 pounds. And I was respectful, but a bit distressed, that I only seemed to be able to maintain about 7 miles an hour, six to seven miles an hour, when I was only peddling. It seemef to me that was a little bit slow. But I assumed, oh well, that is a characteristic of this vehicle. Based on my last hours worth of testing, it was a function of the broken axle! I think, flat ground, low wind conditions I can maintain about nine miles an hour. Just peddling. That might not impress you, or any cyclist, but it is a 20 to 30 percent increase over what I thought I had! This is wonderful, surprise. So, on my 325 miles ride Durham North Carolina, instead of a 50 hour ride, maybe it is only a 35 to 40 hour ride. Lol.  Tonight I think it's prudent to continue with an hour or more testing to be sure that things are ship shape before I head off into where there are little or no civilized locations for tens and tens of miles. Things seem to be ship shape and if they remain this way I expect to depart by 11 tomorrow morning. It has been extremely productive for my activist goals to parade solar power on display riding the boardwalk from 7 in the morning until 11 in the morning when the boardwalk closes to bicycles. On the theory that there is a mass population change as one group leaves on Friday and another mass group arrives on Friday night, I expect to expose this vehicle to the new group until 11 tomorrow morning and then to depart for Durham North Carolina.

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