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Day 7. Blessed are the poor for they are wealthy in their heart, their spirit, often times.

Today was fairly typical of the encounters I have had with people. Today I spent doing errands after spending the morning on the sidewalk, boardwalk, at Ocean City, which closes to bike traffic at 11 a.m. After that I did errands one of which was to get supplies at Home Depot. I found great interest in EL fusion by the customers at Home Depot in Washington DC and found the same thing today here in Ocean City Maryland. There were four significant encounters: an assistant store manager who I asked advice on extending my trailer for a third solar panel, the second encounter with a retired professional man I would judge, the third with a young professional man I would judge, and the fourth with an African American man, the first three encounters were white males, the fourth with an African American man about my age who in conversation among other things revealed that he had been an addict and homeless. Of the four individuals my guess is that money is particularly tight with only the fourth individual. the encounters were the same dialog from me in all instances including my expressing the urgency I feel by telling each individual that everything I had to spend was in the elf, no money for lodging, no money for food. in all four cases the response was not inappropriate from the individuals. but can you guess which individual from the heart obviously, instantly reached in his wallet and wanted me to have some money? Yes, it was only the fourth man. one could see the wheels of reason, prudence, caution, societal norms,... Turning in the heads of the first three. in all four cases there was an obvious understanding and respect for what they were being told and what they were witnessing. But only in the fourth case was there other than a profound lack of spiritual understanding. Blessed are the poor in material things because often they have a wealth of spiritual understanding that those with means do not have.

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Anonymous said...

Your posts are fascinating to read/watch. Have not been able to download all the v-logs. Don't know why but will keep trying. never shocked about who steps up to help but sometimes surprised. glad your giving feet some air. Clean socks and anti-fungal cream ? School has started (for me). The less said the better. Am harvesting in garden, putting up some sauce and otherwise donating to WC Food Cupboard. May be "small potatoes" but is a good feeling. That looks like a great place for volunteer opportunity. Your vlog about the physics/dynamics of battery usage, solar panels, time & distance coverage all while you are cycling away down the road is fascinating. Hope you have plenty of water. You need more sleep ya know. xxoo