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***** LONG OVERDUE UPDATE: ELFusion was found 7 hours after it was stolen... By a very....

If you have not, read this post before reading further:  
Post begun several weeks ago...

ELFusion was found 7 hours after it was stolen at 6pm Friday, Judiciary Square, bright sunlight... 2 weeks ago as I went 10 min, 2 blocks, on foot delivering food to the homeless... By a very kind and compassionate police officer. He tried to call with the good news (sort of, it was substantially trashed, all belongings gone...) me at 1 in the morning and several times after but I hardly ever use cell phone so my cell phone practices are non-existent. The phone was off.

8 in the morning or so began the process of getting it out of police lock up by 4 in the afternoon. $2200 dollars in damage but not structural, it is driveable. As you might see from the picture on the blog it now has extensive graphics that covers much of a cosmeticDamage.

The young man will do years in prison for grand theft.

 (Praying you enlarge, and ponder deeply, all the graphics here.  My DNA developed, honed, built... over a lifetime.)

 It was insured ($28/mo) but the insurance I find out afterwards does not apply because it was not locked. I will seek legal counsel to see if that is valid as I was not warned. I presume that if a car is stolen and the insurance applies whether the car was locked or not.  (Some  lawyers counseled me to file a claim which I began tonight.)

All the contents were gone most importantly my computer and battery equipment.  Gone forever.

After all these many years of activism an anonymous donor, tho of limited means, has emerged with virtually complete trust and passionate support for me, for my service to humanity and given how profoundly frugal I am I will have a refurbished lowest end Dell to (weakly, barely...) replace the computer early next week, a lower cost backpack and similar or lower cost versions of what was stolen.  Everything replaced, and the bare necessities for the trip... everything except food, lodging, a place to park and sleep till the next day, a place to shower occasionally and do laundary....

Yes, it is easy to dismiss me as careless, irresponsible, stupid....  If you think about it honestly you will realize that: 1. I have chosen to be on the front lines of the world's greatest cancers, on the most crucial battlefields... so by definition at every moment I am at mortal risk; and 2. unlike any level of bicycle or any level of car both of which can instantly disapear upon being stolen, blending in with other bicycles for other cars, it is impossible for the elf to not give people whiplash as they crane their heads to see this vehicle they have never seen before. My miscalculation in leaving it for 10 minutes while I delivered a bag of soon to expire food from an oh so kind bakery to the shelter two blocks away was that anyone would happily do two years in prison for a brief Joyride. This is the level of desperation that we, we nice citizens, the level of desperation that we have produced through our slathering of resources on ourselves rather than spending it on our neediest brothers and sisters as every other species of life would do.

I do not fault myself for that miscalculation. I will fault myself if I make that miscalculation again which I do not expect to do. And it only re-doubles my determination to be my pitiful little part of trying to make the world a less neglected, less abused, less destroyed, less raped and plundered, less exploited, less robbed place.

Yes, miscalculation #1 is that there ARE folks SO TORMENTED BY YOUR GODLESS/HEARTLESS culture... they'd gladly do years in prison for a 2 hour joyride.

2 other miscalculations:
#2.  That such a tormented creature could count on dozens, even hundreds of onlookers... not caring enough to step forward;

3.  That the Elf was mine, and that therefore, like my own life, I could gladly lose it in the service of Humanity.  Huh?  What I realized afterward is NOT mine, nor is my Life, nor any other belongings, funds.... They are the girl's, picture at top of this blog, and thousands like her, and the elepahnts, rhinos, orcas, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics... poor.... It is theirs.  I'm just the steward.  YES, I KNEW THIS, I KNOW THIS, I LIVE THIS.  But this brought a greater clarity, and maybe, had I thought of it, I'd have been slightly more careful of THEIR belongings.  Not sure. We'll see.

The next body blow came 2 days ago when, after several near all nighters I completed the ELFusion graphics and arranged for a firm to apply the graphics, made a 50 percent down payment and then the full payment.... arrived on Capitol Hill, having done a months worth of due diligence with the Capitol Hill police...  to be sure that the elf would be allowed on the hill.... only to have a crestfallen officer arrive just after I did and say, 'oops, the lawyers just informed us that you cannot have the Elf on Capitol Hill.'

A sledgehammer to my head would have been less disrupting to me. I was very respectful but very honest with the officers I spoke with ... being sure they understood that I had gone to every length that a citizen should go to and that I would not have spent the $5500 dollars, everything I have been able to save, on the elf until I heard from capital Capitol Hill police that it would be allowed.

The sergeant I was speaking with was as they almost all are (here in DC - Cap Hill Police, Sec Svc, Park Police...) a very decent human being. & I finally said, 'officer, I think you all should go to bat for me. I am not asking you to do so. I am saying out of respect, I did everything a citizen should do, this is not my fault, but I am paying the price, I think you all should go to bat for me.' And bless his heart... he went to bat....

The bottom line is that together we arranged for me to get a permit so that I can be on Capitol Hill.

When one lives a profoundly virtuous life for the sake of it, a principled life for the sake of it, the decency and principle still alive in a few of our brothers and sisters responds, rises, is resurrected, reinforced, and important work can sometimes be completed.

Beginning Monday, creator willing, I will be on the hill each of the four days (I was) that Congress is still in session before their much deserved 6 weeks away at their pig trough, no disrespect to the pigs.

The horror with the Cap Hill Police?  Ooops, you can't be here... (after a months due dilligence with them before I purchased!!!).. well, same thing with Secret Service... you can't have it even near the White House.  Same deal, I treated them and it with profound respect... and we worked out an arrangement.  To the credit of these decent folks.  To the credit of years of devoted True Activism by me, Paying the Price for what I want... observed by these folks, EARNING their respect, regard... and ultimately, these Sec Svc officers went to bat for me, as well, and it is now resolved.

Wednesday, creator willing, I follow DC to the Atlantic Shore (them on vacation, me every breath advocating for Human Rights). Them in posh houses.  Me along the roadside, back allys, jail, wherever... taking the Elf where it is under their noses, and the noses of we brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers, grandmothers... that so far don't give  a F*** about the young ones enough to stop the fossil fuel insanity, slaughter of Palestine (and EVERYONE'S Human Rights), US rape of our sis and bros of color... the poor or the world.

Yes, I'll fail miserably, but I'll not fail to try.

Creator willing, if I survive (I'll only eat if folks step up with food or money there for).  My supporter and I have paid for the Elf stuff but nothing left for food.. unless some Angels step up. And if they don't....  I've been ready for years to go Home.  Not my concern. I've done, I do, I'll continue to do my part for Creation... until I'm taken Home... and then I GO WILLINGLY, HAPPILY, JOYFULLY.

If I survive August on the coast, I expect to return to DC for medical tests... and to depart on a tour of up to all 50 states.

Note: the felons who Run the shelter I am in? The virtually total african-americans staff who has every understandable reason to detest, wish to torment, wish to torture, wish to terrorize... A criminally overprivileged white guy and more broadly my race? With barely a request from me they are breaking all of the rules and allowing my stuff to remain for a month, the rule is two days, and allowing me to return.


YES, NEAR CERTAINLY WE WON'T EITHER... but we could.  There are 300 million of us. We could save them without breaking a sweat.  Not one, not me, but just a handfull of us being properly  deranged....

Time for me to do what I've been called to do for 15 years now, but only now see how to do... carry a Cross, the Cross of Self Ransom, Payed-for-Redemption, Loving... Serving from the Soul in Solidarity... across the country.

No one has ever done, nor thought of doing... what I'm about to... have an ELFusion as a home base... sleeping alongside (or inside during storms); living off the fusion reactor in the sky for elec cross country... dragging a 2nd solar panel for distance... eating off the Loving of Angels (GLADLY including dumpster diving if I get some direction, handouts, left-overs, food-kitchens), home cooked meals... or gladly going Home early...

I've never been more Joyful.  I've never been more at Peace.  My Life up until now has been nothing but preparation.

Mine is to make the attempt with every breath.

If some Angels don't step up now to help, I'll die.  That will be just fine.

But that's not up to me either way.

I'll do my part, as long as my heart gives me the next beat.

Share this with everyone you know that might want to use the paypal button ( start_loving at yahoo dot com) to fuel Loving (pka James). He'll not eat, nor last long, otherwise.  He and his supporter will handle everything else, everything but... Loving's fuel (food), and of course, Creator provides the Sun, that infinite, free Fusion Reactor... for Elf, in addition to what body fat Angels give me to contribute to the ride.

....If an every single waking breath devoted passionate Servant of neediest Creation is not worth his food... Oh, I am sooooooooo ready to go Home.

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Anonymous said...

You have had quite the quest to get started on your way. If only everyone (officials) you encounter going forward are like the DC police and Secret Service, that will truly be a blessing. I will be thinking of you, as I do more often than you realize, as you push off to the Atlantic Shore. I am hoping you stay safe as you journey on your mission. xxoo