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Day 1: So sad, so joyful....

So sad, so joyful.... I am so profoundly sad with what we are doing to Earth in every regard. There is kindness, as I describe below. Tragically, so far, it is way too little, way too late. It never occurred to me to stop in Annapolis. I lied and told Google Maps that I wanted to go to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I had to lie because if I told it I was going to Ocean City Maryland it knows that bicycles are not allowed on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge what it would have done is sent me 100 miles south or a hundred miles north around the bay. What I hope I know that Google Maps does not know is that the police take cyclists across the bridge putting the cycle on the trailer. Even a cycle as large as hell fusion. I was told this by the one friendly bike shop in DC I have found quite to my shocked as I found nothing on the internet about this please service. Tomorrow morning I expect to find out if bike shop was correct or not. 32 miles into my trip from Washington today I noticed Annapolis. It was total clouds most of the trip, and even if it had not been, this final half of the trip was through beautiful forest and the shade would have prevented much of the fusion energy from the sky exciting the solar panels. So I decided to come to Annapolis to hopefully find an affordable coffee shop and for the price of coffee plug in for couple of hours as I ran one of the batteries dry yesterday afternoon and today. Asking several people if they knew the city and the first two or three and to be tourists as clueless as I I found a local couple sitting on a bench looking for a bus and they directed me to what turns out to be the coffee shop I was looking for I'm sitting across the street from it now. The young man at the counter said sure to me charging my batteries in the shop even though I would be sitting outside with the elf. I was told that the meter maids are pretty aggressive in this town. I showed him a picture of the elf and near immediately he said you accept donations to which I replied yes. Here is 2 dollars. I gratefully accepted. I asked him if at closing time they ever had expired food that could be purchased at a good price. He did not mind the question and said maybe. An hour later I went back to check with every and said, now that I have $2 for breakfast, you know where one can get a good breakfast at a good price here in town. He said here! I looked at the wall and the cheapest breakfast sandwich I saw was $5. I don't remember why he said what he did but he said hold on a moment, return with free bagels in his hands, and said what kind of breakfast baked bagel do you want me to make you right now. I said, no, you are doing too much. He insisted. When I gratefully took the breakfast sandwich I gave the $2 to the tip jar. He early happy about that but I insisted. Such kindness. When I first arrived even before I went in the coffee shop the street space that I saw was two doors down from the coffee shop in front of an upscale restaurant. I parked there and two young servers were standing outside, I ask them if I was likely to get in trouble. They said that the meter maids were pretty aggressive. The angelic young lady of the two ask about El fusion I explained to her elfusion and the journey. I said, please don't mind me saying this, but if one of your customers leaves some food scraps I have no money for food or lodging and that would be quite helpful to this journey. She did not mind me asking. I explained that another shop was letting me charge my batteries and that I would be around for another couple of hours. An hour later, I had stepped away from El fusion, and when I return there was a large container of fish and chips on the seat. Such kindness. Almost no one I have spoken to thinks that the police will take l-theanine across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Actually, no one thinks they will. I expect to go there tonight anyway to what appears to be the point where they block cyclists from going over, sleeping in or around the elf, I hope, and learning in the morning weather another hundred miles added to my drive or not. For breakfast I'll be having the sandwich that kind young man made for me. -- Sent from Fast notepad

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Anonymous said...

What a great start to your journey....and good to know there are kind people out there. I hope you get across the bridge....and get enough to eat !! xxoo