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***** What was Jesus purpose? Was it to make us Christians? Was it to make us Loving?....My study, my experience......

What was Jesus purpose? Was it to make us Christians? Was it to make us Loving?....
My study, my experience, my living... Tell me that there is no question. Jesus purpose was to make us loving, unconditionally loving, Universal family, by whatever name, by whatever creed, or by no name, or by no Creed at all.
I see almost no instances, virtually no instances, where Christians, Christian groups, denominations, or the most well meaning of individuals... Get this right. To that extent Christianity becomes a trap, maybe the last great, maybe the ultimate... Trap... That keeps people from achieving what Jesus died to give us... A life that is Loving incarnate.
Imagine that I ran a coffee shop that was largely free. And what I advertised was the skills of Michael Jordan, I praised, I honored, I offered... The skills of Michael Jordan.
Well, what could be wrong with that?
Imagine that what you experienced in the coffee shop was the most rigorous mental and physical regimen, disciplines, practices... That reasonably and logically might move one toward having and using the skills of Michael Jordan? That would be pretty reasonable and legitimate, correct?
Now imagine another alternative. Imagine that in this coffee shop you found the most pleasant, the most sincere, the most honest... People.  And in their sincerity, in their honesty... What they were offering was... Say these words, hold these beliefs, join this group... And you will have, we are offering you, we are giving you... The skills of Michael Jordan. Aside from their honesty, truthfulness, sincerity... Would u not consider this insane? Would u not consider that by whatever mistake, error, being misled, confusion,... Would you not consider that they were offering you some fraud? Some absurdity? Some nonsense? Trivial magic? The skills of Michael Jordan can only be approached through the most rigorous, dedicated, arduous, committed, devoted... every breath practice, in truth, in honesty, in brutal honesty.
We are told that Jesus said, & I believe that he probably did, that the Sabbath is made for man, not man made for the Sabbath. This was shocking and appalling to the scribes and Pharisees. But of course, Jesus was correct. Creator is Loving in incarnate. The purpose of Sabbath and other practices is to return us to being with Creator, to incarnation Creator... loving. And yet the scribes and Pharisees had perverted Sabbath into being the goal itself. Jesus said, absolutely not!
Where is the Christian that loves God, that loves Jesus, that loves Loving... So much that they will live this truth? Christianity is not made for us. Christianity, the degree to which Jesus was involved in creating it, is not made for our comfort, for us to feel superior, for us to enjoy a club, for us to offer the club to others. If there is a valid purpose of Christianity, and that is a big if, if there is a valid purpose to Christianity, it is to make us more loving. The degree to which Christianity was made by true followers of Jesus, Christianity was made for man to become more loving, not for man to become Christian. The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.
Will a Christian, will Christians, ever get it right? Will any denomination? Will any religion? Will any individual? Does anyone love Creator, does anyone love creation, does anyone love Loving... enough to do this?

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